Best Fiends Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Complete All Levels


Best Fiends is a brand new match three battle puzzle game that was just launched on the App Store (and I mistakenly misread for a “Best Friends” Game), but it’s actually a really great title. I am not here to praise it, though – I am here to share with you a complete set of Best Fiends cheats and tips strategy guide that will help you easily beat each level and do it in style.

So if you’ve gotten stuck at a specific stage in the game or you simply want to improve your play a little bit, Touch Tap Play’s Best Fiends tips and cheats will offer you the ultimate strategy guide for the game!

Work on clearing the board first
When you are playing a level that has many logs or twigs blocking the way, the best strategy early on is to work on removing those in order to allow yourself to fill up the board and have access to all the possible pieces.

Long matches are your friend
Make sure that you always go for the longest possible matches in the game, even if they are not the elements of your Fiends. By removing these, not only that you increase the chances of removing blocking elements from the board, but you also free up room for potentially better pieces matching the elements of your Fiends.

Element items cause more damage
If you have the choice to make, then definitely go for creating matches with tiles matching your Fiends’ element because they will cause more damage. Even more, they fill up the power meter, allowing your fiends to throw into play their special item.

Match near diamonds to get them
If you see a diamond on the board, make sure that you create a match near it – this way you will collect it!

Upgrade your Fiends
The little monsters that you collect when you play the game will give you the chance to level up your Fiends. Make sure that you do so whenever you get the chance in order to increase their stats, especially the damage they cause when matches are made with tiles of their element.

Sign in to Facebook for 30 free Diamonds
You will get a lot of free diamonds as you play, but you can get even more if you connect the Best Fiends game with your Facebook account.

Extra energy cheat
We have not tried this yet, but other gamers have told us that you can cheat the waiting game to get more energy by simply quitting the game when you are out of it and change the time on your device: a few hours should be enough. Then simply get back to the game and start playing again!

Replay older levels
If you are starting to get stuck at a specific stage (I personally spent ages at level 11, for starters) then the best option for you would be to replay older levels that you can easily beat. This way you will collect more material to upgrade your monsters and come with stronger characters into the level you can’t beat.

Always check out the level requirements
Our gameplay will instinctively have us go for matches with tiles of the similar element as our Fiends, but sometimes we will be required to complete matches with other elements too. So always keep an eye on the level requirements in the upper left corner to know exactly what you have to do and to create a perfect strategy.

With a lot of practice and even more level replays, you will easily create a nice team of Fiends and be able to beat all the levels in this amazing title. If you have other Best Fiends cheats and tips to share with us, let us know by commenting below!

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Best Fiends Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Complete All Levels


  1. it is a great game. I am on level 48. It is pretty challenging and I want to know how to get 8 diamonds to actually come on the screen. It starts with 5 and when you get those, you have to wait for a random one to appear. Is there a way to get more to appear?

      • As your fiends grow bigger they will begin to require blue meteor mites as well as the brown ones.
        All of my fiends are level 7 or above and they all require blue as well as yellow now.

      • As you get up in levels it takesa lot more blue.i run out of them before yellow now.i am on level 617. Some levels have taken me 2 days and others the first try. Keep going!

      • When you use all your yellow or get low on yellow you will be asked to use your blue and also make the difference up with diamonds. I do this a lot so you can get better upgrades, hope this help

    • You get new diamonds only after you collect the ones that are already present on the board. After collecting all current diamonds, you will get one diamond for each good move. Now there’s no definition for good !
      New diamond come from good move (again) after you yave collected the diamond from your previous “good” move, i.e., only one new diamond on the board at a time.
      All the best

      • Reading the comments have me pretty nervous about advancing. I’m stuck on level 32 and have tried it so many ways short of paying real money for gold bars (which I will not do) for an extra turn. I like the idea about replaying previous levels to build up more items. But if u have any other tips on how to pass the level it would be greatly appreciated

    • I’m on level 82, I got past that level by doing this:

      When you are out of moves and only have like 3 flowers to get and when you die you see that opportunity then use gold but if you can not see the opportunity then DO NOT do it as there’s a chance that you won’t get it,

      Good luck

      • I wish I could get Nog, Lacey,Bam. It doesn’t seem like I’ll never get these fiends. I can’t buy anything. I’m in a nursing home and you only get a amount of money left over month $36

        • Please DON’T waste your very limited actual money to advance in any online game. It’s just not worth it. I’m 76 and follow that rule. When I get stuck in any game at some level, I’ll leave it for hours or days and play a different game.
          Even when I’m NOT stuck, I try different games just to have my brain keep the ability to do a variety of things, and I recommend that you do the same.
          Right now, I have 11 games on my cellphone, so that I always have a wide choice of ways to stimulate my mind.

  2. I’m totally stumped on 36: tree of life. How can I even get 40 mushrooms in play during the moves allotted, with the box and slug requirements as well?!?! Its driving me batty >_<

    • Upgrade ur fiends as per level requirement. Choose the correct fiends for the level as it is not necessary that the fiends with max damage will help you win levels. No doubt level 45 is difficult but if you upgrade and select the right fiends as per level requirement you should be able to clear it in a couple of tries. And keep buying keys wid diamond to unlock more fiends amd meteors. Im currently stuck on level 55.

    • You need to use one of the fiends that has a left right bomb, and use that to blow up the two crates (activate the bomb on the same row the crates are on).

      Also use a fiend that is a purple multiplier, meaning that one you activate their special power, it replaces all the “gems?” around them with purple ones, so you can get the 40 easily. Took me ALL day before I figured this out.

    • Whenever I get stuck, I make sure to switch my fiends up as much as possible. Different combos of different fiends work better for certain levels.

      And if you need to level up your fiends because you’re stuck and they’re not powerful enough, go back to level 1 and work your way up from there back to the level you’re on to save up diamonds and mites to level your fiends.

  3. I have been in level 45 for a long time, I feel like it’s designed to not be beaten so you have to keep buying moves. Anybody had any luck? I’m ready to quit.

    • I personally had to play over 20 time ls haha and do not waste your bars for more moves if you notice when you dont pass a level and it gives you the reward boxes theres sometimes a small texr and it says a move is added just keep playing and it will give you more

  4. I am stuck on level 60 :( I have used both collectors and the attackers. I get the boxes or kill the slugs but not both… Any help would be great!

  5. I am stuck at level 60 for couple days now! Its impossible to break those boxes and kill the slugs at same time! Those mini slugs are pain in the butt too, someone please help me!

  6. 45 is hard. You’ve got to have kwincy (yellow) upgraded to level 5 and keep track of when you won’t be able to use a color – try to clear that color just before its blocked. Also takes a bit of luck to have the blobs appear in appropriate places.

    Me – I’m stuck on 60 – appears impossible without big upgrades.

  7. Any tips on how to get the last 3 diamonds on level 48? Once I clear the 5 on the board, no new ones appear. I’m hopelessly stuck on this level.

  8. I’m on level 61 and a bit stuck, I’m sure I’ll crack it eventually!

    With the diamond one – make sure you clear the 5 on the board and then others will drop. Make sure you don’t use all your moves up too early!!

  9. Save your gems!! You need more energy later on as levels cost more higher up, so it is key to save 800 for the energy increase. Also, level 81 is not unlockable yet, so when you get there, keep playing 76 with the 9 boxes over and over to get many of the yellow critters. That way you can upgrade all your fiends while you wait for new levels.

  10. Oh and if you run out of energy then turn your devices clock ahead then go back in to the game and your energy will be full again. It works on my iPod touch 5th generation

      • 43 ….your best bet is to get a horizontal bomb and get that first diamond on the right to drop.
        That way everything will start dropping and eventually you get the crate.
        Let me know if you have any more questions.

  11. I have been playing best fiends for two weeks solid. I play it all the time. my dad got me into it and he is on level 72. He is a master with these games as he has previously beat candy crush. Personally, I have been stuck on level 60 for two days now. I was stuck on level 45 but my dad beat it for me on his first try. Anyways good luck to those stuck and it is possible to make it far without spending money because neither my dad or me have spent a dime. Great game looking forward for future updates. :)

  12. i have been stuck at level 39 for a week. No matter how I change up my bugs I can’t get past it. Got so frustrated I almost chunked my brand new iPhone! Please save me and my phone!! Any help would be great!!

    • I’m stuck at 39 too!!!! how can you get all the yellow flowers you need when there are not that many flowers in the whole game — never mind in a row!

      How did you guys get past this level???????

    • As you get up in levels it takesa lot more blue.i run out of them before yellow now.i am on level 617. Some levels have taken me 2 days and others the first try. Keep going! If you need somany of 2 our 3 different things work on one at a time to see the best way to do it.then combine both things into your 3rd try. I have found this most beneficial in all levels.

  13. I am on level 61. I have been reading everyone’s comments just to c if there is anything new I can learn. What I can tell u is that I haven’t paid any money for any keys or diamonds. I haven’t invested anything into this game other than time. I love this game. I just wanted to say as of level 61, u can pass without paying money. Just grow ur fiends, and pay ATTENTION to the requirements for passing a level. Choosing the right team is an absolute necessity to moving on! Good luck everyone!

  14. And by the way luck is required in some part. Its gettimg the right pieces u need. And making the right moves. If ur stuck on a level keep trying!

  15. I am at lvl 104 , never payed anything, why would you pay for any game or ingame crap is beyond me. Once you reach lvl 90, keep playing that lvl over and over for best results in money gathering. Around 700 average each time you play the level, winning or not. That way it s easier to upgrade your friends.

    Lvl 104 is kinda a level where you have to get some luck like Tabitha said. Funny game.

    • No they don’t fill up faster. Infact, it gets slower. I maxed out on the upgradation of my yellow non-bomb fiend and now it takes me atleast 10 tries to clear a level that needs the use of that fiend. I wish there was a way to undo the upgrade o the fiends.

  16. I noticed with the CONVERTERS you do not have to have the converter plus two others to make up the three for it to work. You can click on the color then converter and it will turn all the surrounding ones into the same color.

  17. There is life after 45 and 80. I am stuck on 104 and it is frustrating. Hopefully it will fall into place soon and I can move on to the next level.
    Only ever once paid for extra moves so it is possible to go forward in the game without handing over cash

    • I’m on level 27 too and I would be able to,complete it if I just had another two moves I can always open the boxes and get the diamonds but then it is killing the slugs I can’t do. I need to find a way to complete it.

  18. Help! Im stuck on lvl48. I can get two of the three goals but never getting the diamonds. Argh! Love this game and I’ve never paid for the extra moves.

    • Only way is to increasee the attack power of your fiends. Also, remember that if you do not like the layout of the board, you can always “restart” before making your first move, doesn’t waste any enrgy. But, if you chnage the time on your device just to get lives, energy is not an issue !

  19. I am on level 100. Its very fun and challenging. Level 45 us Bob and quincy then use the others that has most damage. Also when you have the slug that throws the mini slugs that eat everything try to get rid of them when your connecting

  20. help!!!! stuck on lol 59……i have good attack power as i have been upgrading but can’t get one last box (requires 70 strawberries, 4 boxes, and the slug things )..any advice? game is super addictive and my 5 year old and i are having a blast working together to progress….but we’ve been stuck for a few days now

    • Use purple whisper and try to knock out two at once and use the other arrows

      Or what helped me after i knocked out the middle boxes i tried to get an arrow that goes up and down and stuck it right in the middle and knocked all the boxes out

      The slug just make sure you knock out the ones that eat everything

      If you dont use the special powers they will eat it after you do a turn.

  21. hi guys… Pleeeease help me…i am addicted to this gorgeous game but my son and i are sick on level 28 and can’t seem to figure it out. please guide us past this level. .. thank you in advance!

    • What Level or age are the friends?

      Mines are at 11 but if they all are arrows you can win and male sure you try to get the snow piles out of the way then use an arrow that goes up or down. Good luck

  22. Help! Im stuck on level 24. People keep saying to use bombs, but how the heck do you get bombs to use? There is the one bomb in the center but I can’t seem to activate it. Please help before I go insane !

  23. 45 will happen, dont worry. If you want to build your fiends up go to the levels where the boxes are. like 37 ,36, 35 and knock out as many as you can to gain meteormite. Even if you don’t complete the level, you still keep what you’ve knocked out.

    • You can use all converters just make sure that you keep knocking those block tar boxes out to get the boxes. Sorry i havent been on herin a while im stck on level 132. It really gets hard

  24. Tip: I do this all the time, If you are stuck on a level and there were countless times where you only needed 1 move, to win. When you do it again look at first then if you see that its a losing game restart it without making any moved and the fiends will be re arranged, just keep restarting untill you see what you like.

    I do that when you have to get a certain amount of fiends, such as 60 blue or green. If i see a winning game you will win.

    I am still stuck on 132 but i figured how to beat it just not enough moves, so when i restart if i dont see it looks like a winning game i restart it. And i end up needing 1 move.

    Good luck :)

  25. Omg I FINALLY passed level 132.

    If you get there you need. Purple whisper, Red gordon, Green lapleon, Blue isnt in it, and Yellow Vego.

    Tip: take my last advice with restarting. And try to get Whisper or lapleon under the boxes to take out the slim off the boxes, or on the side, just make sure you also knock out the black box thrower knock it out. It has a system once you knock it out you have 2 or 3 moves before it throws again so make sure you have fiends around to knock it back out. once you do that try your best to get arrows and try your best to knock out 60 green fiends its a struggle thats why i say when you start and you dont see enough of a color restart it. The linkers are cool, try to link up with Yellow, Green, & purple.

    It also depends on the power & level of your fiends. my fiends powers are 300-600 levels ranging from 8-15 so thats a factor.

    I LOVE this game lol

  26. Level 56 cheats every time. I have to break twenty blue colors and I break 8-10 and all it break is two at a time. What am I doing wrong.

  27. I have beat every level available in the game, yet I still haven’t found two of the fiends. All of the ones I have are level 11 or 12. How do i get the last two of the fiends ?!

  28. I was in level 94.but by mistake I uploaded cloud level instead of uploading local level everything gone its coming to 79th can I get 94th level back? Pls help me

  29. I’m after a promo code too. Ive found all Easter eggs apart from number two. Does anybody know how to find it? Ive exhausted all other options, so it must be that?!!

  30. Hi, I have more than one fiend in an element but I want to know how you change the fiend that you use in your team because some of my new ones are more powerful than the others in the element but I can’t use them

    • I am stuck on level 173. For over a week…frustrated to the point I almost want to just stop playing! Anybody have any advice on how to get past it WITHOUT having to spend $$ for extra moves????

  31. I gave been on level 90 for a few days now, about to uninstal this game (just kidding) it’s makes me so mad sometimes. I’m using all converters, I get close but still not close enough. Am I doing it right using all converters or should I use bombs too, when I use bombs, I noticed they hardly drop down.

  32. Wow i wasnt finished lol. But use laponean then Use nog for more levels or use blue converter use yellow arrows up or down and red arrows up or down. Try to erase the black blocks as soon as possible and check to see how many more friends you need to get a helper. For example if your red friend is almost about to drop a helper get more red. Level 173 is hard but you just have to have the right friends. Good Luck

  33. I am currently on level 116 and I have learned that if you can’t beat a level keep trying a few combinations and every few times you lose they give you an extra move at the end of the reward so just keep trying…

  34. On 226, you have to use Red Moose or get lucky with Green Temper or Yellow JoJo and clear away some slime from the top right so the dynamite cannon drops some dynamite. Then you just need to hit the ignition a few times and you’ll pass. It was tricky one for sure, but Moose was my saving grace :)

  35. Where do I find newer fiends? I know the super rare fiends are won by beating the individual adventurrs, but I can’t find Gordon. I have the other second fiends, but can’t find Gordon. Is it just random?

  36. I know this is a dumb question but I got Edward but I want the other fiend and I have no clue how to select him it won’t let me select any other fiends I’m using my lowest level and can’t switch to my highest PLEASE HELP

    • Not sure if you got your answer but they block your fiends powers so if you’re using one with an arrow, the arrow won’t destroy anything past that eel barrier

  37. The time cheat its true. I am using it in my PC. I am using the emulator bluestacks rooted and i haven’t linked the time of bluestacks with the one of the system. This means that thw clocks advances when bluestacks is on… in bluestaks i am 5 days “late”. Today is 15-octiber but in my bluestacks is 10-october :)
    I advance 10 minute or 1 hour anytime i want and i get more energy…. i am a level 206

  38. Level 157 but still don’t know what gold bars are for. Can someone enlighten me? Also. Never paid a penny to advance: unsure why anyone would.

  39. Hey wats up fellow players its wats up to you guys who have made it to those highr levels but im sadly stuck on lvl 39 anybody who has anything to say or tips that could help me please do id appreciate it
    Thanks you best fiends FIENDS
    Peace out ;)

  40. I just started playing, and I am on level 15. I got to one point where a green looking button appears and when you touch it and slide your finger to a leaf the whole screen bubbles up. I don’t know how to set those bubbles off. Help!!

  41. I’m on level 232 and I’m stuck! I can’t figure out how to get to the bomb plungers. I’ve tried everything I çan think of and buying more moves isn’t going to help with the problem. I’ve been stuck here forever and can’t figure out the secret. Please help!!!!

    • Same here. If you don’t collect lantern almost each turn, you fail. But yet you have to collect blue drops… I think waiting for the lucky board is the only solution

  42. Hi, any tips on beating Whispers quest 16?

    Completed game, 3 quests but stuck on last, i need to finish it before new levels open, pleaaase help me. Tia

  43. I’m on level 63 and it’s so addicting and really cool. There are many challenges in the game which make you play again and again. Other than that I recommend this game.

  44. how do you use a different character? currently new to the game. i have temper & want to change to gene but can’t figure it out. please help…

  45. Don’t use your keys until you collect nine…there’s usually just ONE big ticket item on each board

    Once you got nine use them until you find it then save the rest til you get nine keys again…repeat

    This gets you the best prizes quicker

  46. Someone help me in level 40 please and Fabi G it usually says change fiends or you just touch the fiend and it will show the different fiends you have and you can change it to any fiend you want

  47. Ok y’all I’m past level 800 where you now enter the hero world. So far it only has 30 levels in it. What prizes do you win at level 30 inside the hero world after level 800? And what comes after this 30 levels in hero world???

  48. I just started this so called kid’s game…! I am stuck on level 24.
    How do you break thru the box to get the apple?
    I feel like I have tried everything short of a tank, which obviously isn’t offered.

  49. I just started playing the game and I really do like it thus far. The question I have is how do I unlock 20. Do I have to purchase packages in order to do so.

  50. Help, I’mstuck on level 467 Stinky Swamp. The way it is set up there is no way to get enough arrows to get the light bulbs plus the 100 blue. Normally I can get through a level in about 5 tries, this one I’m way past that. Anyone? Thanks

  51. I have been playing level 169 for 2 weeks, when I look it up on line it is different then my screen. I don’t any colored bombs so I can’t set off the black bomb. Does anyone know how to blow that bomb up so I can move on. PLEASE

  52. Hey guys!
    I’ve been stuck on level 66 for days now. Any suggestions on how to crack open those crates at the bottom blocked by a stone block? Sometimes a Howie or Tantrum fiend help blasts them directly sometimes not. I find it to be inconsistent. Is that the case or am I doing something’s differently, I can’t tell. HELP!

  53. I am on level 50 and it wants me to upgrade which I did and change friends so
    I did and it is still not letting me play . Pity as enjoyed this game

  54. Help! I’m on L776 and try as I might, I can’t blow up enough jelly or protective sides. I’ve seen videos but they all show Miles, an epic fiend that costs 200 GOLD BARS. All my friends are 20 and higher, but still no joy.

  55. After TWO WEEKS and so many headaches and finally posting here… I have solved Level 776! For anyone else who gets stuck, here’s what I did: I used Ru, Gordon, Lapolean, Nog and Newt. I used Gordon’s crossway bombs to explode the corner bomb, then focused every bomb I received towards the jelly blocks. Nov gave me 6 extra moves and I needed every one! Good luck!

  56. I can’t figure out how to win level 616. The electric eels are impenetrable for me to win the game (plus they surround the bomb at the bottom). Does anyone know how you break through the electric eels? Thank you.

  57. I passed level 200 by setting all my friends to vertical bombs. That allowed me to clear the screen multiple times by hitting the bombs on screen.

  58. Does anyone know what destroys mines? Hitting them with an arrow only works sometimes, but other times it does nothing, and occasionally they blow up without anything. I was stuck on level 1022 for weeks!! I finally won today with dumb luck… but 1023 is even worse. I’d love to know what my strategy should even be on removing mines.


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