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Best Engine Setup in Dredge – How to Get Faster

Best Engine Setup in Dredge – How to Get Faster
Image via Black Salt Games
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As an adventurer in the vast waters of Dredge, you’ll quickly realize that the default speed of your boat can be frustratingly slow. The need for speed becomes even more pressing as you uncover new islands and pursue quests. Luckily, the game offers various engine upgrades that can help you move faster through the water. In this guide, we’ll explore the best engine setup in Dredge to help you optimize your boat for maximum speed and efficiency.

Dredge Guide: Best Engine Setup to Increase Speed

In the perilous ocean of Dredge, relying on a single engine for your boat is never a wise choice. The unpredictable and dangerous nature of the sea means that hull damage is almost inevitable. If your engine is stored in an inventory slot that is destroyed due to hull damage, you will lose the engine. To avoid this, it is recommended to create a combination of multiple engines, which will provide the fastest possible speed for your boat while also reducing the risk of losing all of your engines at once.

Image via Black Salt Games

The Engine Stack and four Jet Drive Engine setup is the most effective for achieving maximum speed in Dredge. The Engine Stack provides an impressive additional speed of 64 knots, which is the highest among all the engines available in the game. However, it also takes up a significant amount of inventory space, requiring 2×3 slots.

On the other hand, the Jet Drive Engine takes up only a single inventory slot each but increases the speed by 9 knots. Using four of these engines can boost your speed significantly without taking up too much space, making it an ideal complement to the Engine Stack. With this setup, you can move quickly through the ocean and explore all the unique islands and dangerous territories in Dredge.

The Engine Stack upgrade is the final engine upgrade and requires significant time and resources to unlock. For beginners, it’s recommended to focus on unlocking the Jet Drive Engine upgrade as soon as possible. With each Jet Drive Engine only taking up a single inventory slot, losing one to hull damage won’t be a major setback. Once you have multiple Jet Drive Engines, you can start stacking them together to increase your boat’s speed.

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Best Engine Setup in Dredge – How to Get Faster


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