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Best Don Quixote Units in Limbus Company

Best Don Quixote Units in Limbus Company
Image Credit: Project Moon
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She may look like an adorable puppy, but Don Quixote, also known as Dondon, is one of the strongest people on the bus. Her units are incredible. Here are the best ones you can pick for your team.

There aren’t a ton of limited units in Limbus Company, so you have an equal chance to get all of these except for Walpurgis Dondon (first one below), who is currently on a limited a banner. However, once the next Walpurgis event comes along, that version will be added to the gacha pool permanently.

the sinners in limbus company
Image Credit: Project Moon

Lobotomy E.G.O Lantern Don Quixote

This one works best if used on a Rupture team but for general use she is also good thanks to her durable build. Her kit looks after itself, so she won’t need a ton of support.

W Corp. L3 Cleanup Agent Don Quixote

Cleanup Dondon is the ultimate damage dealer of her line. The cherry on top is that she has her own personal power battery that she can use to deal very strong attacks in a short period of time.

Cinq Association South Section 5 Don Quixote

While she doesn’t really have the power or utility of her stronger versions, this Dondon is very good at speed and can sometimes get you out of a pinch if you have good luck.

The Middle Sister Don Quixote

Little sis Dondon is strong but the problem with using her is that she has some specific requirements in order to bring out her best power. Without them, she’ll get the job done, but it won’t be perfect.

Mittelhammer Don Quixote

The cutest knight is good for early gameplay when the units don’t matter too much, but once things get trickier, she won’t be as useful. The only way to do that is to be lucky enough to have the right units to pair her with.

No matter what form she comes in, Dondon is still the cutest gremlin there is in Limbus Company. You can find her and the others in the game today!

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Best Don Quixote Units in Limbus Company