Best Combat Tips and Tricks for Digimon World: Next Order

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The battle system in Digimon World Next Order is something that has frustrated players since the game was released. It’s a strange system where it isn’t quite the typical turned based RPG but not a battle royale either. In fact, it is one that seems complete unique to this game. As difficult as it may seem, it becomes easier as you get used to it. These are the best combat tips and tricks for Digimon World: Next Order.

How Battles Work In The Game

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In this game, the Digimon do the battling themselves. Your job here is to be support and strategist. This means giving them the right orders and the best support items. The difficulty curve of this system is pretty deep, so make sure you’re careful with who your Digimon are battling. A rookie enemy can easily destroy one of your champion level partners.

How Digimon Attack Enemies

Gargomon battling

Digimon will have a certain number of attacks that you need to tell them to use. Some of them have benefits that buff the user, so you should go for these. For example, Agumon’s Burning Heart moves boosts his attack, as does his Muscle Charge move. Moves have different effects depending on their type. Most moves will usually be either Hand to Hand, Weapon, Nature, or have an element like Fire and Poison.

How To Utilize Items To Your Advantage

Make sure that you always have healing items on hand to restore your Digimon’s health in battles. You can use the attack and defense boosting items as well as the utility plugins which increase both. Before going into battle, you should take a close look at your Digimon’s stats to see where they are lacking so that you know in advance what items benefit which partner the best. Being prepared with items, knowledge, and a plan will benefit you greatly when it comes to combat in this game.

By following these tips, you will get used to Next Order’s combat system very quickly!

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Best Combat Tips and Tricks for Digimon World: Next Order


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