Best Combat Art in Shindo Life

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Shindo Life has 6 unique fighting techniques, 1 of which is available to everyone, and the rest you need to buy in the store. The price of 5 styles is about 50,000 RELL coins. How to get RELL coins? You need to take part in battles in the arena or enter special bonus codes that appear from time to time on Twitter. So, the most effective method is to just play the game as much as possible. Let’s understand what’s the most powerful combat art.

The Most Effective Combat Art in Shindo Life

  1. Muay-Thai (costs 17000). While equipped, the user raises its left leg off the ground and takes a battle pose. The main attack does 6 leg kicks and one strong fist slam. Q attack instantly teleports your character to the nearest enemies and it attacks them, dealing damage. However, this Muay Thai attack does not break the block. And it uses 7500 stamina with a cooldown of 14 seconds.
  2. Mixed Martial Arts (costs 16000). When you equip this combat art, your character goes into an orthodox stance and crouches as a cobra. Melee attacks give so strong knock, that they can destroy the block. When you press Q, your character teleport to an enemy and attacks it. Then it summons its copies and damages the enemy several times. This attack uses 7000 stamina and has a 14-second cooldown.
  3. Vanishing Clone (costs 10000). It’s the cheapest combat art on the list, but it is still effective. The main attack summons clones that attack an enemy, the last attack summons 3 more clones that attack simultaneously. Q attack causes 4 clones that deal damage to the enemy. What is special is that before clones disappear, they can break the block or knock back enemies. The cooldown is 14 seconds as usual.

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Best Combat Art in Shindo Life


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