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Perfect World: Revolution is a new mobile free-to-play MMORPG. It comes to us by the publisher of the legendary Perfect World. Firstly it was released in China and now it is going to conquer the western market. There are 7 classes in the game and which one is better to choose? This guide is created to find the answer.

Perfect World: Revolution Classes Guide

There are 3 races and 7 classes in Perfect World: Revolution. Each class belongs to a particular race. So let’s take a closer look at them.

Blade Master in Perfect World: Revolution

Being the class of the Human Race Blade Masters are formidable warriors that can destroy their enemies in close combat. They use hammers/ax and spears as their main weapons. It is a good choice for a new player as Blade Master is sustainable, strong, and easy to learn.

Wizard in Perfect World: Revolution

Wizards are another Human class and they specialize in damage dealing. These magicians can strike their enemies with fire, water, and earth. However, they lack HP and defense. It is not the best choice for a novice as you need to pay attention to your position and stay out of trouble.

Barbarian in Perfect World: Revolution

These are the tough and sustainable tanks of Untamed Race. They draw the enemies’ attention and survive a huge amount of damage with their damage reduction abilities. It is another good option for a new player.

Assassin in Perfect World: Revolution

Assassins are one of the Untamed Race classes. They sneak behind their enemies and deal burst damage to them. Also, this class is good for 1v1 PVP, especially with mages and Archers.

Vulpine in Perfect World: Revolution

These are Untamed Race shapeshifters. They can fight in both humanoid and beast form. Vulpines are good at debuffing their opponents.

Archer in Perfect World: Revolution

The first class of Winged Elf Race is a great ranged damage dealer. Archers can deliver some heavy punches from distance. It is a great choice for new players that don’t want to fight in close combat.

Cleric in Perfect World: Revolution

Clerics are support characters that provide healing and buffs to their allies. However, they pay with a lack of firepower and defense. It is not the best choice for a novice.

Best Class in Perfect World: Revolution

After all these short class descriptions we can see that all classes are fit for their specific tasks. The only recommendation we can give is that mages are not the best choice for a new player. So you may pick Blade Master or Barbarian if you want to fight in close combat or Archer if you prefer to stay at distance. However, you are not forbidden to choose the class you like and learn it.

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