Best Clash Royale Icebow Deck 2022

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Thanks to the huge number of cards, any player who has reached a certain level in Clash Royale can create a unique deck. Players are constantly competing to create decks, and the very best decks are gaining popularity and are constantly being modified. One such deck is Icebow Deck, and today we are going to tell you about the best build of this deck in 2022.

Best Clash Royale Icebow Deck 2022

It’s worth saying that the idea of ​​Icebow Deck is to have complete control over what is happening on the playing field. You can always draw enemy units away from your towers and deal with any opponent. Unfortunately, you will most often have only one attacking character, but thanks to strong control and defense, this is more than enough to win.

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Of course, a lot depends on the deck of the opponent, but in the 2022 meta, the following deck shows itself best:

  • Ice Golem
  • Ice Wizard
  • The Log
  • Mega Minions
  • Rocket
  • Skeletons
  • Tornado
  • X Bow

The average cost of this deck is 3.3 elixir.

The main attacker in your deck is X-Bow, while the rest of the cards focus on protecting X-Bow and finishing towers.

Ice Golem, Tornado, and Skeletons will be able to distract almost any enemy and give you time to decide what to do next. The Log will solve the problem with small ground troops, and Ice Wizard and Rocket will be able to stop the advance of any opponents.

You should play a few games with this deck and try it out in combat, as any of these cards can be both a great defender and attacker. You can try other versions of this deck, but in 2022 with this deck, you can reach the highest ranks, especially if you significantly increase the level of all these cards.

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Best Clash Royale Icebow Deck 2022


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