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Best Cheap Builds in Arena Breakout

Here are the best cheap builds in Arena Breakout that you can use early on before you earn some extra cash!

When it comes to weapon selection, Arena Breakout won’t leave you asking for more. This immersive FPS title for mobile devices offers a wide selection of various weapons that you can equip in your missions. For those that love their games with customization options, the best part is that you can pretty much dismantle your whole rifle and make a build that works for you.

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There is one issue with all that—the in-game currency called Koen—or, more precisely, the lack of it. Everything in this game costs some money, and if you want a nice gun with some parts that will improve its performance even further, you will need to part ways with quite a lot of in-game cash. Still, all is not lost. While the best builds can get quite expensive, we figured out some shortcuts that will bring you great weapons at a reasonable cost. In this guide, we list the best cheap builds in Arena Breakout that you can use until you make more money in the game!

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Best Cheap Builds in Arena Breakout

Cheap doesn’t mean bad, and these builds are here to prove it. You can get rather good weapons for 10-15k Koen, and here are some of the most economic ideas you can use as the starting point.

Best AK74N Cheap Build in Arena Breakout

AK47N build in Arena Breakout
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AK74N is the gun you start the game with, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad weapon. On the contrary, you can improve it quite a lot and get a powerful rifle by adding these parts:

  • AK-74 30-round Magazine
  • Lightweight Grip (Lwt. AK)
  • AK Stocks
  • AK Shoulder Pad
  • AK Receiver
  • Cross Mount for the Scope
  • Tri. Reflex Scope
  • AK-74 F. Muzzle

You can leave the rest on the default settings for this gun. This build should cost less than 10k Koen, but it still brings improved ergonomics and accuracy and proved to be amazing in close and mid-range combat in our experience. Still, you should be aware of its powerful vertical recoil, so aim lower than you normally would.

Best S12K Cheap Build in Arena Breakout

S12K build in Arena Breakout
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

For those who prefer something more long-range, this gun build should do the trick and won’t cost too much. Here’s what you should consider adding to your build:

  • S12K 20-round Magazine
  • S12K Default Receiver
  • S12K Default Stock
  • S12K Default Rear Sight
  • Lwt. AK Pistol Grip
  • Aluminum Base
  • Cross Scope Mount
  • Tri. Reflex Scope

Leave the rest on default settings and combine this gun with 12x70mm GT Slug bullets with a base damage of 201, and you will have a lot of power in your hands—for 15k Koen or less!

Best MP5 Cheap Build in Arena Breakout

MP5 build in Arena Breakout
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

MP5 is probably one of the most popular guns in the game. You can upgrade it for even better results by using these parts:

  • MP5 Up. Receiver
  • MP5 Base
  • Cross Mount
  • Tri. Reflex Scope
  • Rear Sight – remove
  • MP5 Std. Handguard
  • Muzzle – remove
  • MP5 E.C. Stock
  • MP5 50 Magazine
  • MP5 Charging Handle

MP5 shines when combined with 9x19mm Dumdum rounds, but the best part is that you won’t need to spend more than some 15k Koen to get this beast.

There you have it—our three cheap builds in Arena Breakout that should serve you well before you can get your hands on some more high-end gear. If you’re not sure what to aspire to, check out our best assault rifle build in this first-person shooter for more details. And for more assistance, explore the rest of the dedicated Arena Breakout section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Best Cheap Builds in Arena Breakout