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Best Assault Rifle Build in Arena Breakout

Best Assault Rifle Build in Arena Breakout
Image by Level Infinite

Arena Breakout features loads of weapons to choose from. To make things even more complicated, this game allows you to customize your weapons to a great extent, giving way to different builds for each gun you may decide to go with.

When it comes to different builds, there are several factors that matter—specific parts that you will include in your build but also the overall cost because building a good weapon can cost you a pretty penny in this game. In this article, we bring you our recommendation for the best assault rifle build in Arena Breakout.

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Best Assault Rifle Build in Arena Breakout

Gunsmithing in Arena Breakout
Image by Level Infinite

Arena Breakout offers a lot of excellent weapons, and some could argue that the cream of the crop is M4A1. And there’s not much to dispute there—that rifle is an excellent weapon at any range. However, our personal favorite is H416.

This rifle is quite similar to M4A1, but it is smaller and has an excellent fire rate combined with high accuracy and low recoil, which is the main reason why it takes spot number one on our list of the best assault rifles in Arena Breakout. On the other hand, if you prefer long-range combat, H416 might not be the best choice for you. It can also get quite expensive to build, but—hey—personal preferences are personal preferences.

Without further ado, this is the best H416 build in Arena Breakout we accomplished:

  • Magazine: AR 40 P.
  • Pistol Grip: Lwt. AR
  • Barrel: 416 M.
  • Muzzle: 5.56
  • Receiver: H416 Up.
  • Rear Sight: H416
  • Handguard: H416 Univ.
  • Front Grip: Triangular
  • Base: 2.5 Mod.
  • Gas Block: H416
  • Tact. Accessory: B-V. Laser
  • Stock: Gen 2 Coll.
  • Stock: Carb. Int.
  • Charging Handle: AR L.

Of course, you can play around with any parts on this list and choose the best option from what you currently have in your inventory instead of these suggestions. This goes especially for scopes—the ones we prefer are the 3.5x Scope and the Thermal Scope.

With this build, you will improve on H416’s mid-range capabilities, reduce recoil, and get better ergonomics. When it comes to ammo, this rifle uses 5.56x45mm bullets, and you will have several options to choose from. HP has the best base damage (1019.52) and penetration of 198.24, but if you need something more budget-friendly, M855 does a solid job as well.

Still, keep in mind that H416 is not a cheap rifle, and this build alone could cost you somewhere around 150,000 Koen. If you’re nowhere near this budget, you might be more interested in the best cheap builds in Arena Breakout.

Let us know what your favorite rifle in Arena Breakout is and the best build you’ve constructed so far. For more assistance with this first-person shooter game for mobile devices, check out more of our articles in the dedicated Arena Breakout section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Best Assault Rifle Build in Arena Breakout