Best Characters in Dynasty Origins Conquest

Best Characters in Dynasty Origins Conquest

Dynasty Origins: Conquest is a fantasy role-playing game with an isometric view. In this game, you need to create your own team, conquer cities, unite with other players, create your alliances, and of course, update your hero.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest has a variety of characters. All of them are divided into six classes. Some can heal friendly troops, others can scatter enemy units on the battlefield, and still, others can summon magical allies while fighting.

Characters also differ in rarity and strength, some of them you can skip and not waste time. The reasons for this may be different. But most often, such characters simply do not have good skills and talents. 

Top 2 Characters in Dynasty Origins Conquest

Firstly, you should understand that getting the most powerful character will be very difficult. However, the two best heroes are Dong Zhuo and Huang Gai. Both have strong characteristics and can make the game easy for you.

  1. Dong Zhuo. This is one of the best characters that can play on the front lines of battle. The characteristics of this character really allow him to sacrifice himself for the benefit of others. However, when you update it enough, Dong Zhuo will be able to restore health points while killing enemies and become invincible.
  2. Huang Gai. You should play this character only on the front lines. And its characteristics allow you to do this. Huang Gai increases the defense of the entire squad and deals high damage to enemies, additionally slowing them down for 6 seconds. Additionally, it restores its health while fighting. It makes Huang Gai one of the best units in the game

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Best Characters in Dynasty Origins Conquest


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