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Best Characters for Beginners in Eternal Return

Best Characters for Beginners in Eternal Return
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Lumia Island, once a bustling community, is now the stage for a bloody game of survival. In their efforts to create ultimate “transhumans,” the enigmatic AGLAIA corporation forces ordinary people onto the island to see who survives to the end. Will you come out on top?

Eternal Return is half MOBA and half battle royale. Up to 18 players enter Lumia Island, and they must scrounge for supplies and weapons while using their character’s natural abilities. There are 65 playable characters in the game, and if you are just starting out, we have some recommendations for you. Here are some of the best characters for beginners in Eternal Return.

Beginner-friendly characters in Eternal Return

Eternal Return has some pretty complex mechanics in it for the kind of game it is, so for this list, we will include characters that have fairly straightforward skill sets, as indicated by the in-game character difficulty meter. This way, you can focus on learning the nuances of the game’s central mechanics without having to worry about complicated character abilities.


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Aya is a no-nonsense ranged attacker, able to shoot foes from afar with all sorts of guns. Her skills basically boil down to “shoot more bullets,” while increasing her basic attack speed. In case of trouble, she has a quick dash to reposition and evade attacks, and an ultimate that fears nearby enemies, giving her lots of opportunities to escape.

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Bernice is similar to Aya, but instead of medium-range guns, he likes to get up close and personal with his shotgun. As you can probably guess, Bernice does more damage the closer he is to his targets, and his skills help him accomplish this. Leg Shot slows enemy movement speed, Foothold Trap roots them in place, and he can even call upon his faithful companion eagle to give him increased vision.


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Eleven is a tanky support girl who wields a giant hamburger into battle. Trust us, it makes sense in context. Anyway, Eleven does not deal that much damage, but she makes up for it with high defense and utility.

Eleven can smash enemies with her hamburger to slow them down or launch herself on the hamburger to knock them back. When she’s in the thick of it, her Food For Thought skill taunts all nearby enemies, forcing them to attack her while opening them up to the rest of your team. Her basic attacks create fast food meals that can be eaten by her or her team, and her ultimate creates a bunch of meals all at once.


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Eva is a mage who can attack foes with telekinetic energy from afar. Light Triad and Phase Vortex can deal damage to enemies while also slowing them and launching them into the air. Light Triad in particular makes Eva an effective mage since its cooldown is reduced whenever she lands a hit with it.

Both Light Triad and Phase Vortex grant stacks of Vital Force to Eva when they hit enemies. At 20 stacks of Vital Force, Eva can use her ultimate, VF Eruption, a massive energy beam. If enemies get too close to her, she can use Amethyst Flow to increase her movement speed.


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Hyunwoo is an aggressive street brawler who loves to go toe-to-toe with his opponents. He can charge enemies with First Attack, knocking enemies back, and stunning if they collide with a wall. He can follow that up with Stomping Foot to deal damage and slow enemies in an area.

Hyunwoo has some impressive self-sustain to help him stay in the fight for longer. Bluff increases his defense and renders him immune to movement-impairing effects while activating his passive, Dogfight. He gains stacks of Dogfight when attacking enemies, and he heals himself and deals extra damage once he gains enough stacks.


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Isaac is another brawler who can keep enemies from getting away from him. He can dash in with Swoop, and pull enemies closer to him with Hound / Arrest. Reinforce makes his next basic attack or skill do more damage. His passive ability deals extra damage and restores his HP whenever he lands multiple basic attacks on his foe.


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Jackie is a relentless attacker, able to reset her own cooldowns to chase enemies. Hack & Slash can be used twice to dash forward and deal damage, while Adrenaline Burst gives her a straight movement speed boost. If that still isn’t enough, Leaping Strike hurls her towards a targeted location.

For the ultimate massacre, Jackie can whip out a chainsaw to empower her basic attacks. Jackie’s cooldowns reset whenever she lands the killing blow on an enemy, making her very scary to go up against when you are low on health.


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Johann is your resident healer and support character. He can fire off light orbs that heal ally HP, throw holy censers to slow enemies and boost ally attack speed, and even purify allies of slowing effects. When push comes to shove, Faith Unwavering creates a giant holy field around him, healing allies and pushing enemies away.


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Leon is a pro surfer that specializes in hampering enemies and supporting allies. Most of his skills create pools of water where they are used, and Leon’s movement and attack speed are increased when he’s standing on top of a pool. When in trouble, Leon can bubble his allies to give them a temporary shield.


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Magnus is a biker that loves to charge enemies with his giant hammer. Slam enemies to slow them down, then whirlwind around with the hammer to deal constant damage to all nearby enemies. Crowd control skills are less effective on Magnus when he’s spinning around. Tough Body, his passive, increases his defense whenever he attacks enemies. At max stacks, it also increases his HP regeneration.


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Yuki is a simple melee attacker who is skilled at Kendo. He can empower his basic attacks, and every time he attacks an enemy, he gains a cufflink. Cufflinks boost the power of his next basic attack, and Yuki can hold up to four at a time. Button Up immediately refills all cufflinks.

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Best Characters for Beginners in Eternal Return