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Eternal Return Black Survival Tier List (October 2023)

Eternal Return Black Survival Tier List (October 2023)
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Eternal Return Black Survival is an incredibly addictive game that combines such genres as Battle Royale MOBA and Survival. Players must choose a character and land on Lumia Island to survive and fight other players. The game also has a huge amount of different equipment and weapons, so everyone can create a unique build. And in this guide, we will tell you about the best characters in Eternal Return Black Survival.

About the Eternal Return Tier List

Eternal Return Black Survival has many characters to choose from. All of them are different and have unique stats and skills. Therefore, to win, you need to choose the best characters. Also important is the weapon you use. So, we created a Tier List based on the win statistics of each character with certain weapons. We divided all of them into 5 Tiers from the strongest to the most useless.

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Eternal Return Tier List

New upcoming characters: Leni – not listed yet

TierCharacters (Weapon)
SJackie (Dual Sword), Luke (Bat), Aya (Assault Rifle), Fiora (Rapier)
ACathy (Dagger), Xiukai (Spear), Nadine (Crossbow), Isol (Assault Rifle), Zahir (Throw)
BRozzi (Pistol), Chiara (Rapier), Adriana (Throw), Adela (Rapier), Hart (Guitar), Yuki (Two-Handed Sword)
CHyejin (Shuriken), Emma (Shuriken), Magnus (Bat), Li Dailin (Glove), Bernice (Sniper), Hyunwoo (Tonfa)
DLenox (Whip), Silvia (Pistol), Shoichi (Dagger), Sissela (Throw), Barbara (Bat)

The Best Characters in Eternal Return

Jackie (Dual Sword)

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Jackie is exceptional at dealing lots of burst damage, while also being able to gain movement speed with her second skill (Adrenaline Burst). With her Ultimate, she can deal with large groups of enemies and can be a great AoE unit.

Luke (Bat)

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Hands down the best healer/support in the game, Luke can recover HP, grant support (vision of enemies), increase ATK Speed, and to top it all off, he can also teleport behind enemies for surprise attacks. His Dirty Work Passive can be great for confusing the enemy team.

Aya (Assault Rifle)

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Aya is the ideal choice for players who want to keep a safe distance from enemies. With her long range and relatively good sustain from the Passive (the shield), she can also avoid getting one-shot most of the time.

Fiora (Rapier)

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Fiora’s attacks mark a target, causing additional effects with each hit. She is a great unit with good damage, and although it requires some skill to play her, she is worth learning. Her kit is very strong when played by someone who knows what they’re doing

Of course, the best characters in Eternal Return Black Survival are in S Tier. In A and B Tier are also quite strong characters, but for them, you need to make certain builds to compete with other players. As for the last two Tiers, there are the weakest characters, and we don’t recommend playing them unless you think you can one-up everyone else.

Well, to win in Eternal Return Black Survival, you need to choose a strong character and a suitable weapon. Therefore, using our Eternal Return tier list of the best characters in the game, you can become a powerful player. We hope you enjoyed this guide, and let us know if there’s something else you would like to learn about the game!

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Eternal Return Black Survival Tier List (October 2023)


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