Marvel’s Contest of Champions was released in 2014 for IOS and Android by Kabam. Set in the Marvel Universe, the fighting game leans heavily on the limited comic book series “Contest of Champions.” The game has 203 playable characters, each with their own classes, movements, special abilities, and traits.

Each champion belongs to a specific class—Cosmic, Tech, Mutant, Science, Skill, and Mystic. With so many champions to choose from, it may be hard to choose which is worth leveling up with your hard-earned ISO-8, Gold, and Catalysts. We have compiled a list of the top ten champions we believe are the best of the best, and the ones worth adding to your team. The signature abilities are increased in effectiveness as the champion is leveled up.

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ChampionClassSignature Ability
ColossusMutantThe Mighty Colossus:
When his immunities protect him from an effect, Colossus gains an Armor Up buff lasting 15s.
Omega RedMutantLethal Dose (Passive)
Opponent has 10+ Death Spores, dealing extra death per second. Basic Tentacle hits have a chance to be unblockable.
DominoMutantCritical Failure
When their abilities do not trigger for whatever reason, opponents take 753 Energy Damage over 1.5s. Also decreases potency for consecutive triggers.
Doctor DoomMysticIndomitable Will
Doom has the chance to Shock the opponent while neutralizing one of their buffs, while Doom gains Power Gain Buffs.
Nick FurySkillUnblockable State
While he has 15 or more tactical charges, Fury is unblockable. This gives him the chance to be free on the attack.
HyperionCosmicCosmic Potential
Buffs Hyperion’s Eternal Physiology, becoming better at storing and converting radiation, and also gains a duration percentage increase.
GhostTechQuantum Augmentation (Passive)
Phasing begins at the start of the match for 2s. For every miss by the opponent, a percentage of Max Power is gained.
VoidScienceFear of the Void (Max 2 Stacks)
When Intimidating Presence Debuffs are maxed out, they are converted into Passive Fear of the Void, combining effects and granting Void extra Attack ratings for 40s. When the Intimidating Presence is active, it generates Debuffs a percentage quicker.
Quake ScienceRicochet Pulse
Blocks an extra percentage of Damage and bounces it right back to the opponent in a pulse of Physical Damage.
SunspotMutantGideon’s Experiments (Passive)
Increases max number of Solar Charges by a certain amount depending on level.

The ten we chose are subject to opinion, of course. However, they are considered great assets to any team when used correctly, and especially when leveled and ranked up.

Good luck!

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