Best Cats to Train in Cat Cafe Manager


Cat Cafe Manager is a new cafe management simulator for PC and Nintendo Switch. Players will have to manage the old Cat Cafe in the village of Caterwaul Way. For this, players will hire staff, replenish the menu with new recipes, and shelter many cats. However, cats can be trained, and in this guide, we will tell you which cats are best to train.

Best Cats to Train

During the game, you will earn experience for your cats and staff. Everything is clear with Staff, you can teach them skills like cleaning or serving. But with cats, things are a little different. You will be able to shelter many different cats, and each of them has two skills.

The first skill of the cat is a Leaf, and the second one is related to one of the Caterwaul Way factions, such as Witches or Punks. We recommend that you train cats with these skills as it will help you a lot in the future.

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The longer you play Cat Cafe Manager, the more cats will appear in your cafe. And of course, the cafe is not endless, and sooner or later you will have to put the cats somewhere to pick up new ones. Luckily, each faction can adopt cats. At this stage, the skills described above will come in handy.

So, for example, if you give a cat with five witch points to witches, they will reward you with 100 Hearts. And if the number of points is 16-20, you can get 1000 Hearts. The same goes for the rest of the factions. Therefore, train cats wisely to get a lot of Hearts in the later stages.

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Best Cats to Train in Cat Cafe Manager


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