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Best Cards to Use in Wildfrost

Best Cards to Use in Wildfrost
Image by Deadpan Games

Don’t let the cute illustrations fool you—cards in Wildfrost are no joke, and making the tiniest of mistakes will probably mean defeat. Treading carefully is advised, and knowing what cards you should have in your deck is even more so.

We bring you our list of the best cards to use in Wildfrost based on each category so that you can know what to aspire to from the get-go.

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Best Cards to Use in Wildfrost

Wildfrost cards
Image by Deadpan Games

All Wildfrost cards belong to one of the four categories—Companions, Items, Shades, and Clunkers. As you progress in your quest to save Snowdwell, you will unlock new cards and build your own customized deck. Here’s which cards you should try to get as soon as you can.

The Best Companion Card in Wildfrost—Big Berry

Wildfrost has a lot of great Companion options, but we are partial to Big Berry in particular. How do you even compete against the fact that on each kill, Big Berry gets 2 Health for himself and the allies?

Big Berry’s stats are also strong enough to get you through a lot of nasty situations—10 Health, 5 Attack, and 4 Counter. In combination with the right items and charms, Big Berry becomes next to invincible. And if you can’t get your hands on Big Berry so easily, Monch and Foxee can be great alternatives.

The Best Item Card in Wildfrost—Blank Mask

Making the right choice in the sea of great items is not easy, and we had quite a difficult time choosing between several favorites like Bom Barrel, Berry Blade, and the devious Skullmist Tea, but Blank Mask took the victory in the end.

Even though Blank Mask is one of those items that can be used only once per battle, it allows you to make a copy of an ally, which has proved to be handy so many times. You can practically copy your strongest Companion or even the Leader—with all the buffs and perks they currently have. Gaining such an advantage in most cases means that you will be the clear winner of any battle where you pull out this OP item.

The Best Clunker Card in Wildfrost—Krono

To make full use of Krono’s power, you will need to do some heavy lifting first and get as many crowns as possible—whenever you visit a new Wooly Snail Shop. Using crowns on allies benefits your fighting skills immensely. And if you have Krono, you can get even more power because Krono gives x1 Frenzy to all crowned allies, increasing their damage in the process.

The Best Shade Card in Wildfrost—Tigris

Shades might look cute, but they are actual tamed spirits of darkness. The main issue with this card category is that Shades lose 1 HP every time they get triggered, but Tigris doesn’t have a trigger turn counter and gets an additional set of teeth every time an ally gets hit. If you keep this cutie out of the main fuss for a while, you can use Tigris as the ultimate finisher by letting your enemy hurt themselves on all those stacked teeth.

And that brings us to the conclusion of our list of the best cards to use in Wildfrost. Keep in mind that these are just our recommendations based on our experiences in the game—some other choices might work better for you, and we would love to hear about it in the comments below. Looking for more card games to play? Check out our suggestions for the top 10 card games for Android and iOS.

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Best Cards to Use in Wildfrost


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