Best Builds for Thorr in Fire Emblem Heroes


Fire Emblem Heroes is an exciting game that combines RPG and strategy genres. Players collect various characters through Gacha and then create strong teams from them. Each character in the game is unique and can have multiple builds depending on the player’s expectations. And in this guide, we will tell you about the best builds for Thorr.

Best Builds for Thorr

Thorr is a five-star Flying-type character. She is also known as the God of War. This character will respect any strong warriors, even if they are mortals. Let’s take a look at her abilities:

  • Bonfire or Glowing Ember – Thorr increases her damage by 50% of her DEF stat.
  • War-God Mjölnir – This skill speeds up the Special trigger. If at the beginning of the battle the character’s Health is ≥ 25%, then she gains Atk+6. Also, if the character is not adjacent to an ally, then the attack removes bonuses from the enemy.
  • Flow Guard – The skill allows you to inflict a Thorr follow-up attack that cannot be neutralized. This attack also slows down the cooldown of the enemy’s skills.
  • Worldbreaker – This skill allows Thorr and allies to recharge faster.

The first build is suitable for players who want to use the full potential of the God of War and destroy all enemies without mercy:

  • Weapon – War-God Mjölnir
  • Assist – Positional Assist
  • Special – Galeforce
  • Passive A – Atk/Def Push 4
  • Passive B – Flow Guard
  • Passive C – Worldbreaker
  • Sacred Seal – Atk/Def Solo

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And the second build will allow you to use Thorr as the best support:

  • Weapon – Love Candelabra+ (+Res)
  • Assist – Positional Assist
  • Special – Bonfire
  • Passive A – Fort. Def/Res 3
  • Passive B – Sabotage Atk
  • Passive C – Worldbreaker
  • Sacred Seal – Fort. Def/Res

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Best Builds for Thorr in Fire Emblem Heroes


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