Best Builds for Dragonite in Pokemon Unite


The Pokemon franchise has lots of interesting games and one of the most popular is called Pokemon Unite. This product belongs to the popular MOBA genre, and the developers are actively updating the game with new characters. The game’s roster of Pokemon is huge and you may want to know how to play all of them. This guide will explain to you how to play Dragonite in Pokemon Unite.

Dragonite Skills in Pokemon Unite

Dragonite in Pokemon Unite is a powerful all-rounder that is able to deal lots of damage and tank some hits. Its skills allow this Pokemon to deal damage, control opponents, and initiate team fights. All of the Dragonite skills are good and you can pick any ability you like. If you want to be more aggressive, you can choose Outrage when you reach level 8. In case you want to be able to deal damage from a distance, you can pick Hyper Beam. As a skill for mobility, we highly recommend you choose Dragon Dance, which provides you with good buffs.

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Dragonite Best Build in Pokemon Unite

Dragonite is a good and versatile character in Pokemon Unite. In order to make this creature stronger, you will need a combination of items that provide Dragonite with useful stats. Here is the list of Held Items that we recommend you give to your Dragonite in Pokemon Unite:

  • Scope Lens
  • Muscle Band
  • Buddy Barrier
  • Focus Band
  • Energy Amplifier

These items are able to improve your Dragonite damage, survivability, and skills. Also, you can choose a Battle Item that you can activate. We recommend you choose X Attack, Slow Smoke, or Eject Button.

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Best Builds for Dragonite in Pokemon Unite


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