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Best Build for Keitha Muort in Vampire Survivors

Best Build for Keitha Muort in Vampire Survivors
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Keitha Muort, the cunning reveller, joins the fray in Vampire Survivors’ latest DLC, Tides of the Foscari. She is the third character unlocked in the DLC, and completes the trio as the party’s archer, with Eleanor as the mage and Maruto as the warrior. For those looking to master Keitha, here is the best build for Keitha Muort in Vampire Survivors.

Keitha Muort’s best build in Vampire Survivors

Keitha Muort is unlocked when you evolve Eskizzibur, Maruto’s starting weapon, for the first time. After she is unlocked, you must purchase her for 3,000 gold. Alternatively, she can be unlocked immediately in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane with the spell “oopsistoleoneagain”.

Keitha’s initial stats are +40% move speed, +20% speed, -10% cooldown, and +10% curse. Her starting weapon is the Flash Arrow, which can be evolved into the Millionaire if you have both the Bracer and Clover maxed out.

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In addition to her starting stats, Keitha also gains +1% luck every level. Because of her scaling luck stat, many popular builds with her involve weapons that can land critical hits. As such, a good build that works well with her looks like the following:

  • Weapons: Millionaire, Death Spiral, Thousand Edge, Heaven Sword, 108 Bocce, Free choice
  • Items: Bracer, Clover, Candelabrador, Empty Tome, Duplicator, Academy Badge
  • Arcana: Iron Blue Will (VII), Mad Groove (VIII), Slash (XVI)
Screenshot via Poncle YouTube

It is important to note that the power of this build is heavily dependent upon both the Iron Blue Will and Slash Arcanas, so we highly recommend unlocking those first before attempting to build this.

The core of this build is to essentially turn Keitha into a rapid-fire force of nature, spewing critical-hitting projectiles all over the screen. With the recommended Arcanas, the majority of Keitha’s arsenal can bounce and pierce between enemies, but most importantly, they can critically hit for quadruple damage!

Millionaire will be your first major power spike, as it will help you take down enemies once you get the Academy Badge. After that, once you get all the weapons and items, Keitha is pretty much untouchable.

If an enemy somehow manages to get through your onslaught of projectiles, 108 Bocce should take care of them easily. 108 Bocce becomes stronger the greater the difference is between your character’s luck and curse stat, and because Keitha’s luck eventually outgrows her innate curse, 108 Bocce deals a massive amount of damage.

This is the build that has worked the best for us when playing as Keitha. Of course, the beauty of Vampire Survivors is being able to experiment with different items and weapons, so what other ways do you like to build Keitha? Let us know in the comments below.

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Best Build for Keitha Muort in Vampire Survivors