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a bow from monster hunter rise

Bows are a great weapon category that often goes underrated in Monster Hunter. Sure, they aren’t as fancy-looking like the Dual Blades or Great Sword, but they do have their place as damage dealers. They can also be very effective if you’re aiming for certain areas on monsters, because you have more control over your aim, or if you’re dealing with hard-shelled monsters like Almudron.

If you’re not sure where to start with them, however, these are the best bow builds in Monster Hunter Rise.

Mud Shot I

To counter Fire-based monsters like Rathalos and Basarios, you need a good Water-based weapon. And one of the best you can use, as far as bows go, is the Mud Shot, which has an attack of 140 and water element level of 27. To craft it, this is what you need:

  • 3 Golden Muck
  • 1 Almudron Tail
  • 3 Lightcrystal
  • 4 Almudron Shell

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Dawn Ray Bow I

A beginner weapon that’s really strong is the Dawn Ray Bow. It doesn’t have any elements, which means you can use it to damage any kind of monster, making it perfect to use as a gateway to grind to higher areas of the game. To put it together, you need to hunt some bishatens:

  • 2 Bishaten Fur
  • 4 Bishaten Feather
  • 1 Bisha Tailcase
  • 4 Dragonite Ore

Kelbi Slingshot I

Another weapon with universal damage that you can upgrade to later is the Kelbi Slingshot I. This bow of rarity 3 definitely packs a punch at 150 attack damage and will never disappoint when it comes to hunts. Gather these to get one at the forge:

  • 3 Colossal Bone
  • 3 Kelbi Horn
  • 2 Kamura Ticket

Usurper’s Rumble I

Thunder weapons are fun to use and can do elemental damage to a lot of different kinds of monsters in the game. You should have one on hand for when you need to grind parts from Water-based monsters quickly. An ideal one would be the Usurper’s Rumble, which does Pierce damage at level 3 and requires these parts:

  • 3 Zinogre Shockfur
  • 2 Zinogre Shell
  • 3 Zinogre Shocker
  • 5 Thunderbug

Sinister Bow I

The Sinister Bow from Monster Hunter Rise.

Near the end of the first part of the game, you meet the terrifying Magnamalo. He’s difficult, but his weapons and armor are fantastic, so it’s definitely worth fighting it. Magnamalo’s items are especially helpful for the post-story bosses like Rajang, being able to decimate them with Blast based damage. You may need to fight Magnamalo a few times to get all the components necessary for the Sinister Bow, which include:

  • 4 Magnamalo Scale
  • 2 Magnamalo Blade
  • 2 Magnamalo Scute
  • 1 Magna Ghostprism

With these bows, your hunting will greatly improve. Bows can take some time to learn how to use, so practice with them before going into a difficult hunt. Once you master the bow, you can master any weapon in Monster Hunter Rise!

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Best Bow Builds in Monster Hunter Rise | Build Guide


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