Best Bases in No Man’s Sky

Best Bases in No Man’s Sky

Building a base is probably the most exciting part of No Man’s Sky. However, you have to be in charge while constructing the base. The point is that your base is the central part of the gameplay. You will spend your time mainly at the shelter. So, how to build the best base?

What Is The Best Base in No Man’s Sky?

No base can be called the best. Even where you construct the base strongly affects the result. For example, the same base on different planets will work differently. Also, the base depends on your opportunities. Some bases are so expensive that you will not be able to afford to build them. Therefore, here are some valuable tips that will help you to make the best base for yourself.

Take Care of Materials

You have to estimate how much materials you need, and only after that start building your base. Also, pay special attention to Silicate Powder, as it is used for the stone and main base parts.

Hide All Wires in Your Base

To do it, you need to have an Electrical Cloaking Unit. Craft it using 30 Gold, 40 Chromatic Metal, and 1 Metal Plating. Using the Electrical Cloaking Unit you can hide wires within minutes. However, you can use the tunnel method, but it is ineffective.

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Choose the Correct System for Your Base

It is recommended to pick the system with the highest number of planets. The point is that the more planets are, the more resources you can get. Also, you should not move from one system to another. Every time you do it, resources disappear. So, you will just lose your money by doing it. 

So, that is all with base in No Man’s Sky. Hope you consider this guide helpful!

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Best Bases in No Man’s Sky


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