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Best Attributes in Aliens: Dark Descent

Check out our list of the best marine attributes to get in Aliens: Dark Descent.

The colonial marines must be prepared for anything in the Aliens universe, otherwise missions can go south very quickly. Of course, knowing how and what to prepare is something that comes with time, and this is reflected in the attributes system in Aliens: Dark Descent. As marines grow stronger, they unlock random attributes that grant them special bonuses. Here are some of the best attributes in Aliens: Dark Descent.

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The best common attributes in Aliens: Dark Descent

Attributes are basically perks in Aliens: Dark Descent, as they grant passive bonuses to your marines. Your marines can learn two types of attributes: class and common attributes. Class attributes are fixed, and your marine automatically learns them once they reach a certain class level. Common attributes, however, come in randomized sets, and you can pick one when your marine reaches the appropriate level.

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Since there are so many common attributes, it can be difficult trying to figure out which ones are the best for your team. We’ve gone ahead and noted all the useful attributes right here, in no particular order.

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The Pouches attribute increases the maximum capacity of Medical Supplies and Tools by 1. This attribute stacks, so your maximum cap will increase by however many marines have the Pouches attribute.

This attribute is universally good as it lets you loot more during missions. Having access to lots of supplies can ensure that your marines are prepared for anything.


Annoyed by one of your marine’s negative traits? Wish you can just tell your kleptomaniac marine to keep their hands to themselves? Well, the power of the Redemption attribute allows you to do just that!

The Redemption attribute completely negates the marine’s negative trait. Kleptomaniac marines will no longer steal supplies after missions, clumsy marines can detect aliens at a normal rate, and so forth. While you can usually work around most of the negative traits, the Redemption attribute saves you the pain.

Team Spirit

A good teammate is always there to encourage and uplift the team, and Team Spirit allows them to channel their inner positivity to the rest of the team.

The Team Spirit attribute increases a marine’s CP (command points) by 1. This allows you to perform more actions in a turn, therefore typically giving you a significant damage boost. You can acquire this attribute on multiple marines to boost your CP even further.


Nothing is more reliable in the heat of battle than a steady hand. Sharpshooter is a no-nonsense accuracy boost to your marine. This attribute is pretty self-explanatory, as missing a shot when you are getting swarmed could be fatal.


Resourceful packs your marines with more ammo. Ensure that your marines never run dry with this attribute, so you don’t have to fret over every missed shot.


You can never go wrong with more protection layers, because when the only thing that’s standing between your body and a Xeno’s caustic acid is a few layers of armor, you’re going to wish you brought more.

The Hardened attribute does just that, increasing your marine’s armor. This attribute stacks, so you can get really defensive with your marines, giving them a lot more survivability.

Which common attributes do you think are the best? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Best Attributes in Aliens: Dark Descent