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All Endings in Aliens: Dark Descent

All Endings in Aliens: Dark Descent
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The horrifying Xenomorphs have taken over the Planet Lethe and it is your job as commander of a hardened squad to fight the hordes of aliens. As you battle your way through open levels, organizing and strategizing as you go, you will be tough making decisions which will change your story… Aliens: Dark Descent combines epic gameplay with immersive storytelling which offer multiple endings. Which ending will you achieve through your actions? Let’s explore what you should do to achieve each ending in Aliens: Dark Descent.

How to achieve each ending in Aliens: Dark Descent

The choices you make while trying to survive the alien onslaught will determine which ending you get. Will you succumb to the Abyss or lead your soldiers on to victory? There are four possible endings to discover from a heroic victory to a bleak and dark end. The endings are only available in separate play throughs so to experience each ending you must play Aliens: Dark Descent through four times and make different choices each time.

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The Survivor’s TriumphThe most positive and satisfying outcome. This is achieved when the player makes the best choices when it comes to evading the enemy, gathering resources, and escaping.
A Bitter SacrificeA selfless but bittersweet outcome. This is achieved when the player makes selfless choices but ends up sacrificing themselves for the good of the team in an ultimate heroic act.
Unleashed TerrorPoor choices lead to ultimate destruction. This is achieved by accidentally making choices that lead to the aliens escaping and wreaking havoc on the universe. Chaos and terror ensue!
The Abyss BeckonsPurposefully heading to the darkness! This is achieved by making dark and bleak choices that lead you into the abyss. Succumb to the darkness and the horrifying alien presence will consume you.

Which ending would you try to achieve first in Aliens: Dark Descent? Watch out for each narrative and the choices it lays out in front of you to ensure you get the ending you want!

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All Endings in Aliens: Dark Descent