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League of Legends is a popular MOBA game and its character roster is really huge. It includes lots of various heroes and they are divided into a few types. One of them is called Marksman and it consists of powerful ranged damage dealers. Today we are going to talk about a legend known as Aphelios. This character seems to be quite interesting and you may want to learn how to play him. So, this guide will tell you about the best Aphelios build in League of Legends.

Best Aphelios Runes in League of Legends

Aphelios is a powerful damage dealer that is able to defeat your opponents from a decent range. However, such characters tend to be quite vulnerable in close combat and if you want to play one of them you will need to prepare a decent build. Here is the list of the best runes that we recommend you use for Aphelios in League of Legends:

  • Lethal Tempo (Precision)
  • Overheal (Precision)
  • Legends: Bloodline (Precision)
  • Cut Down (Precision)
  • Taste of Blood (Domination)
  • Ingenious Hunter (Domination)

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Best Aphelios Items in League of Legends

Aphelios is a ranged damage dealer and we recommend you equip him with artifacts that will improve his damage and crits. Some life-steal items should work great with this character as well. Here is the list of recommended artifacts for Aphelios in League of Legends:

  • Galeforce (Core)
  • Berserker’s Graves (Core)
  • Bloodthirster (Core)
  • Infinity Edge (Optional)
  • Lord Dominik’s Regards (Optional)
  • Guardian Angel (Optional)
  • Runaan’s Hurricane (Optional)
  • The Collector (Optional)
  • Maw of Malmortius (Optional)
  • Rapid Firecannon (Optional)
  • Mortal Reminder (Optional)
  • Phantom Dancer (Optional)

As for starter items, you will need to purchase Doran’s Blade, Health Potion, and Stealth Ward. Also, we recommend you choose Flash and Heal as your spells.

Aphelios Strategy in League of Legends

Aphelios is a ranged damage dealer and if you play him then we recommend you to go to the bottom lane. There you will be able to farm safely while your support will guard you. However, if you are a confident player then you can try to use this marksman as a mid laner. Just make sure that you can fulfill the role you want to choose.

There are many interesting characters that you can find in League of Legends and here you can read our guide about the best build for Ornn. Also, we will be glad if our article helps you to learn how to play Aphelios in this game. Good luck with your further matches!

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Best Aphelios Build Guide – League of Legends


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