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Best Anarchy Servers for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Best Anarchy Servers for Minecraft Bedrock Edition
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Many players love Minecraft. This sandbox allows people to build anything they can imagine. In addition, the game is constantly updated with exciting new content. Minecraft is also popular because of its multiplayer functions. There are many different servers where players can fight, compete, or just relax. In this guide, we will talk about Anarchy Servers.

Best Anarchy Servers

Anarchy Servers are special servers where players can do whatever they want. Most of these servers do not have any restrictive rules. Your main goal will be survival. You can team up with other players to rob the bases of other groups. This is an unusual but very cool experience for every Minecraft Bedrock Edition player. Here is a list of several such servers:

  • Mineland is a great example of Anarchy Server. There are no rules, so a lot of players are running around, killing each other, taking loot, etc. In addition, the server supports up to 2,845 players.
  • The next server is the Bionic PvP Network. Here you can practice your PvP skills. This is a great server for those who want a special experience.
  • Straight Up serves as a battleground where players are constantly raiding and looting. There is no protection for your buildings and chests on the server. Therefore, if you want to try yourself as a marauder, this server is for you.
  • Purity Vanilla is also a server where players are allowed to do everything. This is a good survival experience, in the classic Minecraft world.

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Best Anarchy Servers for Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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