Best Alternatives for Epics and Legendaries in Cookie Run: Kingdom


Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the most popular and successful role-playing games for mobile devices. You will need to rule over your own Cookie Kingdom and the different Cookies that live there. Some of these creatures can be used to fight your opponents, and if you want to get new Cookies, you will need to obtain them via the Gacha mechanic. If you don’t have powerful Cookies to carry your team, this guide will tell you about the best alternatives for Epic and Legendary characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Best Alternatives for Epic and Legendary Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

There are lots of good Cookies that you can use in Cookie Run: Kingdom. However, most of these characters belong to the Epic and Legendary categories. Cookies of these two types are problematic to get for new players, and if you can’t obtain them, you may want to find some alternatives. So, this guide will tell you about a few Rare Cookies that you can use at the beginning of your playthrough.

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The first Cookie that we are going to talk about is Princess Cookie. She is a powerful mage that is able to deal a huge amount of AoE damage and decrease your opponents’ defense stat, making her a good choice for your mage and debuffer.

The second Cookie that we recommend you choose is Adventurer Cookie. He is able to deal tons of damage to a single opponent. You can use him as your assassin to eliminate your enemies.

The last Rare Cookie that we recommend you use is Custard Cookie 3. This character is a great support that is able to heal your team and provide your Cookies with shields.

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Best Alternatives for Epics and Legendaries in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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