Best Accessories For Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports can be thoroughly enjoyed with the regular Joy-Con controllers, but if there is one thing that the original Wii Sports and the Wii console in general have taught us, is that these motion-controls powered games can be even more enjoyable with the right controller accessories.

While there aren’t as many accessories for the Joy-Con controllers as there are for the old Wiimote, the ones that are out there can make some of the sports included in Nintendo Switch Sports even more enjoyable. Here are the best ones to get.

Best Accessories For Nintendo Switch Sports

As already mentioned, there aren’t that many Joy-Con controller accessories available on the market as of now, so options are a little limited as of now. Additionally, some of the available accessories, such as these wrist bands, do not exactly work with Nintendo Switch Sport. While they look like they could work for bowling or volleyball, the fact that you have to also press buttons in addition to performing motions means that, in reality, they do not.

As of now, no company has produced accessories specifically for Nintendo Switch Sports, meaning that those you can get right now have been created with other games in mind. The coolest one is definitely the sword grip manufactured by JOYTRON which allows you to wield your Joy-Con as if it were the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda series that can be used to play Chanbara. It even allows you to store 12 Nintendo Switch Game Cartdriges, in case you want to power-up your blade to overwhelm your opponent with the power of the best Switch games ever released!

In case you are looking for something a little more simpler, but flashy nonetheless, you may want to get your hands on this LED sword accessory manufactured by GH-Gamer’s House. While more straightforward than JOYTRON’s product when it comes to design, this sword accessory lights up every time you swing it, making you feel more like a Jedi out of Star Wars, rather than a simple chambara virtual competitor.

Nintendo Switch Sports features, alongside some new sports, the welcome return of tennis, and what better to feel more immersed in the game than by purchasing some tennis racket accessories? The ones manufactured by TALK WORKS are simple in design, but they can match the Neon Red and Neon Blue colors perfectly. In case you do not care about style, the Venom Tennis Racket Joy-Con Attachment is just as good.

The final Nintendo Switch Sports accessories you can get right now, but sadly won’t be able to use anytime soon, is are Golf Club accessories like the basic ones by EJGAMES and the more colorful ones by Nargos. Even though you may purchase them right now to get ready for when golf launches for Nintendo Switch Sports as a free DLC later this year, you can use the Golf Club accessory to play Mario Golf Super Rush. And you definitely should if you haven’t already, as it is an amazing game featuring tons of content, enough to tide you over until golf finally makes its debut in Nintendo Switch Sports!

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Best Accessories For Nintendo Switch Sports


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