The sequel to the popular wine jumping monkey game Benji Bananas has been launched and its called Benji Bananas Adventures. Basically the same thing, but with levels that you have to beat, challenges to complete and lives to lose when you fail. But we’re not here to analyze the game, we’re here to talk about Benji Bananas Adventures cheats and tips that will help you get the most out of the game and complete all levels with three star banana ratings.

So let’s check out below the strategy guide below, full of Benji Bananas Adventures cheats and tips!

1. The extra lives cheat
Do you want some extra hearts in Benji Bananas Adventures and you don’t want to wait for them? There is a quick cheat that will help you get it: simply go to the settings of your device and set the time forward a few hours. You will have 5 lives to play!

2. Go for perfect swings
When you catch a wine at its base, that is a perfect swipe – the more you manage to score like this in a row, the greater the banana bonus you get. So it’s extremely vital to try and go for these perfect swings and keep the bonuses running in order to multiply the number of bananas that you get.

3. Control Benji’s fall
When you tap the screen while Benji is airborne, he will drop faster down. This means that you can control his fall and guide him to bouncing areas, coins, power-ups or position him to grab the end of the wine in order to continue or start a Perfect score run. Learning to control his fall is key to victory!

4. Stay as high as possible
And I am talking about height here, of course. The higher you keep Benji at all times, the better chances to collect more bananas you have, and if you miss a wine, you can certainly get to another one below. So make sure you go as high as possible as soon as possible with your little monkey!

5. Increase the swinging speed
Generally, the faster Benji goes, the better, because you are able to cover greater distances in fewer jumps. This means that you should try to catch on the wines at the perfect time (not when forcing a fall) and release at a 45 degrees angle or lower. If you release too late, he will jump almost vertically and you will not gain too much speed, nor distance. So learn to release the screen at the perfect time for that perfect, long jump.

6. Use the boosts carefully
You don’t get many boosts for free, and you should therefore use them sparingly, only when the level is really difficult to beat otherwise. For example, the first 20 levels can be easily beaten with out using any kind of boosts, and probably for a better skilled gamer, 20 more levels can also be beaten without them, although level 25 is where things start to get difficult.

7. Practice a lot
The more you play, the better you will be when it comes to timing your swings and getting the most out of the game. Some levels have hidden power-ups and boosts that can be easily reached, and you can only learn about those areas by playing the game. So practice, because it makes perfect!

These would be for now our Benji Bananas Adventures cheats and tips for you, I really hope you’ll find them helpful and you’ll manage to get three bananas from now on!


  1. I’m stuck at level 20…
    For some reason I start with only 25 swings to get 500 bananas, which is pretty hard. There is a walkthrough available on Youtube by The Insider and they start with 41 swings, which is much easier.
    Do you guys start with 25 or 41 swings?
    Any help?

  2. I am stuck on level 70. I can’t make it with the 50 swings they give you. And they don’t allow ant boosters on this level. Any help or suggestions?


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