Psyphon’s evil alien crew has come to take out Undertown! It’s up to Ben and his Omnitrix to save the day in Ben 10: Alien Evolution! This game is part endless runner and part tapping fighting game. Utilize Ben’s various alien transformations to take down Psyphon’s baddies and stop them from destroying Undertown! We’ve got a slew of helpful hints right here in our Ben 10: Alien Evolution cheats and tips.

Ben 10: Alien Evolution takes the hit Cartoon Network show and delivers a full runner experience. There’s some tough parts here and there, so let’s get started with our Ben 10: Alien Evolution cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Input your actions early!

During the runner sections, Ben must be nimble as he navigates around all of the obstacles in his path. You’ll need to dash, slide, jump, shoot, and more, but be careful – Ben himself seems to act a little sluggish. There’s a slight delay on most of his actions, so be sure to input them early.

Also, try to make your gesture as clean as possible. For example, you know that to slide you need to swipe down? Try to do one quick motion as straight as you can. The game has a habit of repeating your actions even though you only did it once, and we’ve noticed that it tends to happen more when we make crooked or slow gestures.

Grab all the Omniboxes!

The runner sections are actually fairly short, so be sure to grab all of the goodies before you reach the end. The most important things to grab are the Omniboxes, which are how you power up your alien transformations. These glowing green boxes are usually right in the path you need to go, but occasionally you’ll have to jump for them or break boxes for them.

As a side note, keep in mind that you can only make three mistakes before Ben goes down and the run is over. If you lose in a run, you lose ALL of the omniboxes you found, so be very careful! It’s also worth mentioning that running into one of the shock boxes will instantly end the run regardless of how many lives you have remaining, so watch out.

Don’t tap mindlessly during the fights!

The key to winning the alien battles is remembering two simple facts: green is good and red is bad! You’ll need to watch for the green medals as they fly into the air to dish out damage to your opponent, but red medals will hurt you if you touch them. Don’t just mindlessly smash your screen – wait and watch patiently for the right medals.

As for the question mark medals, that’s ultimately up to you if you want to take the risk. Remember that no matter it being red or green, the power of the medal will immediately take effect. If you’ve got a good lead on your opponent, then you could probably be okay with risking it. If you’re low on health and your opponent is beating you, then it might be too risky.

Buy any of the Omniboxes!

In the shop, you can purchase three different Omniboxes. The first option costs 50 coins and will net you any common transformation, while the second one costs 150 with a higher chance of the rare transformations. The 500 box has a guaranteed chance for one of the super rare aliens, but the thing is is that you can get any of these from the random boxes you find during runs. With that info, you can buy any kind of box and still have a good chance of receiving any of the aliens.

To get some extra coins, be sure to check up on the achievements. You can get to them by tapping the star on the main menu. Each achievement is worth a couple of coins, so be sure to keep track of them and complete as many as you can.

That’s all for Ben 10: Alien Evolution! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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