One of the biggest influences in the match-3 genre, Bejeweled, has returned in an all-new game! Bejeweled Stars takes the beloved puzzle series and sends it into the sky! Taking on a new Candy Crush-like experience, Bejeweled Stars has you solve through pre-determined layouts with a limited move set. Experience a new kind of Bejeweled with all new powers, mechanics, and more! We’ll help you reach for the stars and land high scores with our Bejeweled Stars cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to getting high scores!

1. Utilize the SkyGems!

In the first couple of levels you’ll be introduced to the SkyGems. These special gems look kind of like regular gems, except that they have little unique shapes and indents to them. You can match them like normal gems, and when you do, they’re added to your inventory. Upon beating level 6, you unlock the PowerLab, where you can create power ups using the SkyGems you’ve collected as ingredients. Try to collect as many SkyGems as you can! Power Ups can really help you towards your objective, plus net you some extra points. For example, the Flame Swapper can immediately turn any gem into a flame gem without the need of matching four gems.

2. Try to have moves left over!

When you hit your objective quota, all of your extra moves will turn random gems on the board into special gems. If you’re short points on getting all three stars on the level, these random gem explosions might be enough to put you over the edge. Make sure to plan out your moves and save as many as you can – you’re going to need the extra moves at the end for a bunch of bonus points!

3. Get those stars!

Getting three stars on a level isn’t just for show! The game will show you a brief glimpse of the night sky and the many constellations strewn about. Every star you get is counted towards completing a constellation, and once you fill one up completely, you’re rewarded with a bunch of SkyGems!

4. Create the Special Gems!

Like any match-3 puzzle game worth their salt, there are many special gems for you to discover by matching gems in a specific order. They are as follows:

  • The Flame Gem is created by matching four gems in a line or square formation. Flame gems act like bombs; they will detonate and destroy all immediately surrounding gems upon matching.
  • The Star Gem is created by matching five gems in a “T” or “L” formation. The star gem acts like a “+” bomb. When matched, it’ll shoot out a beam that destroys all gems in the same column and row as the star gem itself.
  • The Hypercube is created by matching five gems in a row. Then, simply move the hypercube onto another gem. The hypercube will destroy all gems of the same type that it collided with. This is useful for getting those hard to reach objectives or SkyGems.
  • Last but definitely not least is the Dark Hypercube. These are created when you match six gems in a row. It’s difficult but definitely worth it! The dark hypercube functions like the regular hypercube, but instead of destroying the gems, it turns all of the same-type gems into regular hypercubes! Massive explosions await you if you can manage to build one of these crazy things.

Trying to create as many of these special gems as you can is key to getting to your objective early and scoring a lot of points.

5. Queue up a power up!

Before you stop playing the game, be sure to stop by the Power Lab. Keep in mind that power ups must be built before they can be used, which takes some time. It’s best to start a power up construction so that when you come back to the game it’ll be ready to go!

That’s all for Bejeweled Stars. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. Level 51 has a cloud. You move the cloud across the top to match the gems below. As you clear as lose to the bottom you can, more gems will drop. Match 4 for a flame gem. The blank places are of no consequence. Just keep moving the cloud.

  2. How am I supposed to detonate ten sky gems in ten moved when I’m using so many of those few moved to create the sky gems just getting started on that objective. It seems impossible! This is one of the daily challenges on bejeweled star and I’m so frustrated!


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