You heard of KleptoCats, the fuzzy little buddies with a keen eye for peculiar objects, but have you heard of KleptoDogs? That’s right – pooches are now joining the sneaky society of thieving animals.

HyperBeard Games, the team that brought us KleptoCats two years ago is back, and this time they brought doggies with them! KleptoDogs is the upcoming sequel to the item-collecting game from two years ago, and it is available for pre-order on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The game is expected to be available on July 17.

The Klepto series revolves around a bunch of cute little treasure hunters. As you can tell by the name, KleptoCats had you order kitties around to go search for special objects that you could put in rooms. Once you had enough objects, neat little things could happen.

This time around, you will be ordering little pups! GemDog, the little dog who has been collaborating with the KleptoCats, is back from his mission and now he has a bunch of dogs for you to train. These rooms are empty and it is time to fill them up!

KleptoDogs follows the same formula as the other games: send dogs out to find items, fill rooms with items, and unlock new dogs from all different breeds. You can feed them and play with them on their downtime, and you can even dress them up! It is the perfect game for dog lovers, so do not miss out!


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