With the help of the Bee Swarm Simulator working redeem codes, you can get Honey, Boosts, Buffs, Field Dice, Tickets, and a ton of other things for completely free.

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We have the most updated list of Bee Swarm Simulator codes that players can find below. In case you find any of the codes not working, please do notify us. We will update the Bee Swarm Simulator codes list as soon as possible.

Bee Swarm Simulator Working Codes

Here is every working code for Bee Swarm Simulator. We recommend that players redeem the codes at their earliest convenience, as they are subject to expire.

  • SecretProfileCode – Reward: 1 ant pass, 1 shocked bee jelly
  • Sure – Reward: 2,500 honey, 3 dandelion field boost, 30 minute conversion boost
  • Teespring – Reward: 1 Marshmallow Bee, 3 bamboo field boost, 3 bamboo field winds
  • Troggles – Reward: 7-Pronged Cog, Clover Field Code Buff 30 Minutes
  • Wax – Reward: 5 tickets, 5,000 honey
  • Wink – Reward: 5 tickets, 5,000 honey, Black Bear morph, 7 dandelion field boost
  • WordFactory – Reward: 7-Pronged Cog, Pine Tree Forest Code Buff 30 Minutes
  • WalmartToys – Reward: Free boosts
  • Thnxcyastoybox – Reward: Free items
  • DarzethDoodads – Reward: Free buffs
  • 1MLikes – Reward: Ticket, Treat, Bitterberry, Sunflower Seed, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Moon Charm, Cloud Vial, Ant Pass, Field Dice, Micro-Converter, Coconut, Stinger, Gumdrops
  • 500mil – Reward: Bamboo Field Boost, 5 Field Dice, 5 Gumdrops, 5 Jelly Beans, 5 Wealth Clock
  • Banned – Reward: Stubborn Bee Jelly and buffs
  • BeesBuzz123 – Reward: Cloud Vial, 5 Gumdrops, 3 Jelly Beans
  • Bopmaster – Reward: 5 tickets
  • Buzz – Reward: 5,000 honey
  • CarmenSanDiego – Reward: 7-Pronged Cog, Rose Field Code Buff 30 Minutes
  • Cog – Reward: 5 tickets
  • Connoisseur – Reward: 5 tickets
  • Crawlers – Reward: 5 tickets
  • Cubly – Reward: Bumble Bee Jelly, 10 Bitterberry, Capacity, Micro-Converter
  • Dysentery – Reward: buff and 7-pronged cog
  • GumdropsForScience – Reward: 15 Gumdrops
  • Jumpstart – Reward: 7-Pronged Cog, Dandelion Field Code Buff 30 Minutes
  • Luther – Reward: 7-Pronged Cog, Blue Flower Field Code Buff 30 Minutes
  • Marshmallow – Reward: Marshmallow Bee, 1hr conversion boost
  • Millie – Reward: 7-Pronged Cog, Dandelion Field Code Buff 30 Minutes
  • Nectar – Reward: 5,000 honey
  • PlushFriday – Reward: Marshmallow Bee, Neonberry, Micro-Converter, Conversion Boost 1 hour, Pine Tree Forest Code 1 hour, Rose Field Code 1 hour, Dandelion Field Code 1 hour, Activate Super Smoothie
  • Roof – Reward: 5 tickets

We will add new Bee Swarm Simulator codes when they are made available.

Bee Swarm Simulator Expired Codes

Here is the list of Bee Swarm Simulator codes that have expired and cannot be claimed anymore.

  • Strawbeary
  • PineappleParty
  • FuzzyReboot
  • Tornado
  • Valentine
  • 4MilMembers
  • WikiAwardClock
  • WikiHonor
  • Market
  • Leftovers
  • JollyJelly
  • FestiveFrogs
  • ClubCloud
  • Mocito100T
  • MondoOutage
  • Discord100k
  • RebootFriday
  • 38217
  • 3YearParty
  • RebootFriday
  • WintersEnd
  • BigBag
  • RebootXmas
  • Buoyant
  • BlackFriday
  • 5mMembers
  • RebootPC
  • BillionVisits
  • Gumaden10T
  • SpaceReboot
  • FuzzyFarewell
  • BlackBearMythic

How to Redeem Codes in Bee Swarm Simulator

Here is how you can redeem codes in Bee Swarm Simulator:

  • Open Bee Swarm Simulator.
  • Click on the Gear icon. [Located on the left side of the screen]
  • Enter the above codes.
  • Click on Redeem to claim free rewards.

That is it. You can use the above working codes to get freebies in Bee Swarm Simulator.

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