Despite the inherent potential of the idea, great space-based mobile MMOs are few and far between at the moment. Rogue Universe, from developer MUST GAMES, looks set to change this when it gets a global release on the App Store and Google Play during the first half of 2019.

The game is hugely ambitious in both its scale and presentation, with a colourful comic book aesthetic and enough content to fill, well, an entire universe. Missions can be undertaken for rare loot and resources, and investing time in building a fleet is very much recommended.

There are 3 main factions for you to engage with: the Black Flag. U.N.S., and the Zurich Bank. Helping out one with inevitably cause issues for another, so you’ll always have to consider the potential repercussions of your actions.

Starting out as the leader of a few ships, you can eventually grow your fleet into an utterly devastating force. Micromanaging your crew can yield some great rewards, and your favourite ships can be upgraded and customized to any specification. And, once you’re feeling confident enough, you can start taking on fellow players in intense battles.

If you’d rather make as few enemies as possible, there’s the option to create or join a guild. Grouping together with other players to hunt rogue NPCs is one of the best ways to earn honour points and rare loot, so it’s definitely worth a shot. Defeating rival guilds can also be a great way to show off your might and further increase your fleet’s power.

If you’d rather go it alone, there’s always the ‘Deep Strike’ mode. This is where you’ll experience Rogue Universe’s story, as you explore and fight through space to uncover the mysteries of the ‘Invaders’.
You can expect to see Rogue Universe hit the App Store and Google Play during the first half of 2019, so the budding space pirates among us needn’t wait too long.


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