I always had the impression that game developers who work on platformers don’t really care about visuals. The retro, pixelated graphics are nice, but when you get too much of those, it starts to get boring. Fortunately, the upcoming platformer Super Powerboy tackles things differently and I believe it’s the winning move.

Apart from delivering what appears to be an awesome experience, Super Powerboy also comes with some beautiful, jaw-dropping graphics and effects. Pocket Gamer said about it “If Pixar made a Mega Man game it would probably look like Super Powerboy” in case you don’t believe me.


Super Powerboy puts you in the shoes of a small hero with a big heart. You’ll play through 5 locations and a total of 45 handcrafted missions, you’ll keep upgrading your character as you progress through the levels and you’ll surely have a ton of fun. Check out the quick game trailer below to see what I mean:

The game is scheduled for release on September 1st and it will be a premium game, but the price hasn’t been disclosed yet. Either way, I am sure it will be worth the money asked by the developers, so definitely put this one on your shortlist. It’s going to be a blast!



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