Very game, much nice. This is what I thought when I first saw this beautiful indie platformer Doge and the Lost Kitten available for download on Google Play. And in case you are unaware of the Doge meme, you can find about it here.

However, the game itself has little – if anything – to do with the famous Shiba Inu, the dog breed used in the famous Doge memes. But it still delivers lots of fun and that’s all that matters in the end.


Doge and the Lost Kitten is a platformer game of increased difficulty, challenging you to complete over 35 handcrafted levels that you will end up loving (and probably hating) at the same time. Fast paced, with varied challenges and a great funny story, this is the game you’ll want to play on your Android device if you enjoy platformers.

Here’s a little bit of gameplay, so that you know what to expect:

Playing as the brave Doge, you have to complete all the challenges in order to save the Royal Kitten. She’s been kidnapped by the Evil Chihuahua, you see, and it’s your job as a great doge knight to bring her home to safety. And by all means, you’ll have a lot of fun doing it!

Doge and the Lost Kitten is available as a free download on Google Play [get] and it’s worth trying out. It’s really good, I promise!



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