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Beast Quest Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

Beast Quest Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

The beasts of Avantia were peaceful until an evil wizard has corrupted the land. It’s now up to you, the true hero of Avantia, to stop the wizard and save all of the creatures. Beast Quest is a open-world adventure game.

You can explore the gigantic areas freely, and when you enter battle the game plays similar to Infinity Blade, where timing is key. We’ll help you on your journey with our Beast Quest cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Watch out for the Dire Wolves!

In the beginning area of the game, you’ll be facing primarily dire wolves. They have only one attack, but it’s a bit tricky. They will rear back, then pounce at you and try to bite you.

If you dodge during the pounce, you’ll get hit by the chomp, so you’ll want to time it correctly. Wait until the pounce is almost over then side step. If you want you can also just block the whole thing!

2. Low on health? Scavenge or rest!

Did you take a beating from the last fight? Out of potions? You can return to your camp site and rest for a small gold fee, which restores all of your health. In between fights, you should scavenge around and look for healing herbs.

These herbs only heal a small amount of health (around 4-5 health) so they shouldn’t be relied on for emergencies. Instead, you can top off your health or slowly recover. Just be sure to avoid fights in the mean time.

3. Dig up those mounds!

Occasionally you’ll see mounds with a shiny orb in it. If you tap it you’ll dig it up, usually unearthing a few gold. After you find the first piece of the Amulet of Life however, you will then have the chance to find amulet and rune pieces in these mounds. If you see a mound, be sure to dig through it!

4. Get good at side stepping!

Your shield can be used to block just about anything, but it takes damage depending on the strength of the attack. If it takes too much damage it must be repaired before it can be used again, and this costs gold.

While the gold is usually negligible, it’ll begin to rack up once you start upgrading your shield. The shield is very useful, but try to not to rely on it too much. Get used to side stepping attacks, which negates all damage with no penalty.

Just remember that you want to dodge in the direction of the attack. So if a monster attacks you from the right, you want to side step to the right.

5. Upgrade your equipment as much as possible!

You can upgrade your armor to give you more health, your weapon to give you stronger attacks, and your shield to have more durability.

Upgrading costs a hefty amount of gold, so be sure to save up. Keep in mind that if you fall in battle, you will lose some of your gold, so upgrade whenever you have enough to avoid losing it.

The world of Avantia is huge, so there are still lots of secrets to find. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, feel free to comment below!

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Beast Quest Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide



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