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Beast High Guide: Tips to Merge More Monsters

Beast High Guide: Tips to Merge More  Monsters

If you want to learn all of the Beast High tips and cheats that we have for you, then you came to the perfect place, because that is exactly what we are here to give you in today’s article!

So if you want an adorable game with adorable graphics and just the cutest beasts, then this is the one for you! In this game you will receive various cute beasts which you will merge to unlock new ones and fill up all the slots there!

I have to admit, this game is super cute and I recommend it for when you want to relax, because it’s going to really put you in a very good mood given all the cuteness (overload) in the game!

But putting all that praising aside, you came here to learn the Beast High tips and tricks, so therefore let’s not waste another second and dive right into them!

Start merging right away!

The game will ask you to start merging various beasts in order to get better ones. All that you need to do (or actually all that you CAN do) in the early game is to merge them 1 by 1 slow and steady.

Because you don’t really ave a lot of options to unlock more beasts early on quickly, the best thing you could do is to merge the ones you got and keep getting with the students transfer ASAP.

In order to merge two students, you need to tap, drag and drop one on top of another of the same type. So if there are two Ashleys on the board for example, you tap and drag them on top of each other to create 1 Amy!

Start doing this as soon as you start the game because it will help you unlock more beasts and empty slots quicker, the sooner you merge and unlock more!

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Tap the rowing pigeon to watch an ad and get free Coins

Sometimes you will spot on the river in the bottom side of the screen that this odd pigeon in a makeshift boat will start rowing down. I suggest that if you want to collect more Coins, you tap on the pigeon and watch an advertisement because once you are done you will receive some trash (literally trash) which gives you Coins!

This option will reward you the most when you have a lot of beasts in the slots, because it is called “Feeding Time!” and it will throw random foods at all of the beasts in the slots!

Get free Coins from the paper boat

Do you want more free Coins? Well, this is the easiest way to get, because it doesn’t require you to even watch an advertisement. All that you need to do is to tap quickly on the paper boat floating down the river (just like the pigeon) and you can receive several extra Coins!

Try your best to do this because every Coin you get is going to come in handy quite a bit because you can use these Coins to buy some of the beast that you are missing when merging them.

Upgrade to double-decker

Whenever you get the option to upgrade the bus to a double-decker, you should definitely get it! A double-decker bus will carry on double the students which is super good because instead of 25 or how many you’d normally get, you get 50!

So I suggest that if you get this option in exchange for watching an advertisement you should definitely take because it will be worth it. This can only be applied for 1 round at a time, but it will make a big difference because it will give you basically double the students in the same amount of time.

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Speed up the Bus

When you have merged all of the students from a bus, that bus will go away and you will have about 10-15 minutes until the next one comes up. There is one thing you can do to speed up this process, and that is to watch a short advertisement to make the next bus come instantly.

This option will be available three times every now and then so it’s not like you can do it all the time. You just have to wait once you’ve used up all of the free boosts with ads, so I suggest that you only do this when you need the bus to come right away and can’t wait for it.

You can speed up the bus with Gems

The second option would be to speed up the busby using 5 Gems. However, if you are a f2p player I don’t suggest that you do this because they are the premium currency in the game which you can use for something a lot more useful such as buying the beasts you need for a merge or puzzle pieces.

Need a certain student? Buy it!

If you need a particular student to complete a match I suggest that you head on to the Students Shop and buy the student that you need That is something good if you have too many Coins and you want to make more matches fast.

The more new students you unlock, the more students you will be able to buy with Coins and Gems. Basically when you unlock a new student, the previously lowest-cost Gem student will turn to the highest-cost Coins student and you can buy it with Coins only.

In my opinion you should buy only the low level students which you have a hard time obtaining, because the more you advance the higher the lowest-level student you obtain will be.

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Sell the students you don’t need

If you have some low students that you don’t need you can choose to drag and drop them on top of the trash can in the bottom left corner of the screen. That will sell the student you don’t need and give you Coins which you can use for buying other ones.

I don’t use this a lot because I tend to merge everything, but if you are very far ahead and get a low level student, it might not be worth it to keep it for upgrades and instead you can sell it to free up a slot for merging and get Coins as reward.

Do your daily missions

The game is pretty simple and straight forward, so there is not much that you can do, but there are some missions which will give you some good rewards which will help you merge more beasts.

They can be found in the menu -> Missions and there will be 3 daily missions which you can do every day. Each of those missions ill give you Coins as reward, and once you completed all 3 of the you can claim a chest of goods.

I suggest that you do these mission and complete all 3 of them within the time you have there, because they will reset after and you will be able to claim new rewards! So try to take advantage of all of them and do them every single day!

Go to Lost and Found office

In the Lost and Found office whenever you have it off cooldown, you will be able to receive a random reward for simply tapping your screen! Basically every 2 hours you can visit this and claim a free useful reward!

Make sure that you do this every two hours if you can because that is the cooldown for the Lost and Found.

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Spin the Roulette

From the Roulette you can get every day some goods – either Coins, Gems or Puzzle Pieces! You can spin it once a day for free, and if you choose to watch an advertisement you will receive an extra free spin.

You can watch ads and spin the roulette 3 times a day, so if you are looking to collect a lot of currency or Puzzle Pieces, this should definitely one of the methods.

Collect all the Puzzle Pieces!

You’ve heard me talk about puzzle pieces – well, if you don’t know what they are, then let me explain! The puzzle pieces are some collectible pieces which will be added to the Yearbook. Once you have collected all of the Puzzle Pieces from a stage (Freshman, Sophomores, and so on) they will form an image!

These would be all of our Beast High tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and tricks? Feel free to share them with us and the other players down in the comments section below!

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Beast High Guide: Tips to Merge More Monsters


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