Beach Buggy Racing Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Welcome to the beautiful beaches of a colorful world! Are you ready to drive into an off-road kart racing experience of a lifetime? Beach Buggy Racing is frantic kart racing game filled with awesome tracks and crazy powerups! We’ll help you become the number one racer with our Beach Buggy Racing cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Let’s get started with Touch Tap Play’s Beach Buggy Racing cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. Change the controls to your liking!

As with every other game that defaults to tilt controls, I always recommending switching the settings to see what works best for you. By default, you tilt your iDevice to steer, and you tap anywhere on the screen to brake.

If you go back to the main menu, you can access the settings where you can change the control scheme. The second scheme has you tapping on the left or right sides of the screen to steer in that direction, while the brake buttons are in the corner.

The third option has a virtual pad at the bottom left with the brakes at the bottom right. See which works for you!

2. Claim your dailies!

You get a free spin each day. The spinning board has some pretty good stuff on it, so make sure you spin every day! You can also partake in the daily challenge if you so wish, and I recommend you do so because you can earn gold out of it!

They’re pretty fun too, and you get compared to other people who have completed the challenge.

3. Use your driver’s special ability!

Each driver has a unique ability that can be used once per race. Your starting driver, Rez, has the ability to boost and leave behind a trail of fire, slowing down whoever is behind him. As you unlock more drivers, check their abilities and see which one you like the best!

4. Get all three stars on a level to get a ticket refund!

Whenever you enter a level, a ticket is deducted from your total. You can have up to a maximum of five tickets. They’re basically this game’s energy system. However, if you get all three stars in a level in one go, your ticket will be refunded to you! That means getting first on the race levels and beating the best time on the time attack levels. Do well to keep playing!

5. Utilize your powerups correctly!

When you start out, you’ll have access to eight different powerups. They are:

  • Fireworks launch straight ahead of you and will damage opponents.
  • Tiki Seekers work just like fireworks, except they lock on and home in on targets!
  • Oil Slicks are deployed behind you, leaving behind a pool of oil. Any opponents who drive over it will spin out!
  • Low Gravity affects all the cars in front of you. Their gravity is dramatically lowered, leaving them bouncing around helplessly!
  • Death bats are deadly screeching fireballs. When used they will head for the person in first place, demolishing anyone else on the way.
  • Spiked Tires temporarily increases your car’s offroading capabilities.
  • Boosts are self-explanatory: hit them to get a boost of speed!
  • Basic Shields defend you against projectiles, but only for a short time!

6. Upgrade your car!

Your starting car, the Beach Buggy, is very well-rounded in terms of maximum stats. I think it’s more beneficial to upgrade the Beach Buggy all the way rather than buying a new car, and it caps out at a nice balance.

Unless you really want a car that specializing in a certain stat, there is no harm is sticking with the Beach Buggy and improving on it.

7. Try out new powerups!

Unlocking different powerups is slightly tricky, as you can only buy them with gems, the game’s premium currency. There are ways to earn them without paying, though. One way to complete the achievements.

You can check which ones you can do and which ones you’ve completed by tapping the trophy at the top left on the main menu. Completing them rewards you with gems! Another way to complete certain levels, namely the character unlock levels.

8. Watch for shortcuts!

Some of the tracks have hidden shortcuts! Keep an eye out for any kind of path that strays off the most obvious path – it might be a shortcut! If you want, you can spend a ticket on a random level and just explore to see what you can find. Shortcuts are very useful for getting those fast times.

Beach Buggy Racing is a kart racing game full of mayhem. It’ll take some practice getting those turns down, but keep at it and you’ll be a pro in no time. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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Beach Buggy Racing Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. I know how to boost start… It’s tricky but it works. While you are waiting for a race to start at the count down from three, two, one, go…. Between one and go add an imaginary zero then after you say zero and before the game says go tap the empty blue specials button on the top right side once.

  2. You wait until the very last second just before it says “Go”, and then press the power up button. You MUST press the power up button at the very last second just before the “Go” appears. You cannot jump boost over the rock stomper (monster truck) if its right in front of you (middle row) unless the rock stomper jump boosts too. Also, if the rock stomper is in the front row, you can jump boost over it. Jump boosts take a while to master, but are quite essential to winning and a quick start. Jump boosts are larger and better for vehicles with high acceleration, such as the lambini and the lunar rover. If you want more tips, such as the best vehicle and/or character for you, I can give them to you. Im at 96% in beach buggy racing with all the characters and vehicles at 1000hp and fully upgraded (except the grim rod, but im close!).

  3. And one more thing for jump boosting: the longer you wait until pressing the power up button just before “Go”, the larger the boost.

    These tips give more detail then what jeff said, but give him credit for explaining how to jump boost as well.

  4. It says all tracks have shortcuts..
    But, I can Not find one in Crab Cove..I have looked at all the Videos also and can not see one..
    Is there one in Crab Cove and if so where is it…
    Thank You

  5. To powerslide, hit your breaks just before you start the turn. It locks the back wheels so they slide but it lets you steer through the corner.

  6. I wish VECTOR UNIT would make a BB racing classic that has multi player through Wi-Fi, bcoz not every phone has ability of accepting game pads with four controllers


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