Bayonetta 3 Best Accessories Ranked


Everything you need to know about Accessories in Bayonetta 3, from where to find them to how to equip them, is detailed here. We’ll also have a look at a few of the most useful add-ons you can get.

The fighting maneuvers and weaponry Bayonetta employs steal the show, but she also has access to a variety of optional attachments that may be used to boost her stats. Some of them can only be accessed after completing certain tasks, while others may be bought outright. Since making a living is no picnic, you should decide as quickly as possible which of them is worth investing in.

The Best Ranked Accessories in Bayonetta 3

The following is a list of all the accessories that may be obtained in Bayonetta 3, as well as the effects that each equip item has and how to get it throughout the game. The vast majority of the game’s accouterments are available for purchase from Rodin at the Gates of Hell in exchange for Seeds; however, several things can only be gained by fulfilling certain prerequisites that are spread out over the game’s main plot chapters.

Gaze of Despair:

  • Enemies grow furious (when equipped) without being taunted. Purchase for 30,000 Seeds at the Gates of Hell.

Nucleus of Talos:

  • Bayonetta 3’s ‘Demon Slave’ skill lets players control the witch’s demonic assistance. Learning this new method takes time, so putting demons on autopilot may aid novices.
  • The Nucleus of Talos is a good early-game acquisition, but players shouldn’t rely on it later. It gives Viola’s demon Chesire wider movement range, therefore it has later usage.

Climax Earring:

  • Although this effect stops the power from ‘Masquerade Rage’ and magic from running out, it also makes the outcomes of the fight invalid.
  • After completing the game, players may make the purchase at the Gates of Hell for the price of 80,000 Seeds.

Mallet of Rewards:

  • The Orb Collector effect of the Mallet of Rewards grants the ability to increase the number of orbs obtained while employing Torture Attacks by a factor of 25%. At The Gates of Hell, for the price of 35,000 gold, you may purchase the item.

Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa:

  • Witch Time is Bayonetta’s most important defensive skill, but it’s not the only one. To use it, equip Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa. The Moon’s moveset includes a parry that may be activated with a flick of the left stick. It works like Viola’s typical block and activates witch time. Viola can block blows without her sword. This parry takes practice, but it’s lifesaving.

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Bayonetta 3 Best Accessories Ranked


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