Battlestar Galactica is back and this time you’re in command! Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons is a turn based squad RPG where you’ll be in command of a fleet of ships straight from the hit TV show. The Cylons are back and have ravished many human civilization colonies. Now, armed with the remaining ships and crew, it’s your turn to take the fight to the Cylons. We’re here to help you blast them out of the universe with our Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Bring the right squad!


Ships are divided into three categories: alpha, beta, and gamma. It’s easier to remember them by their colors. Red ships beat green ships, green ships beat blue ships, and blue ships beat red ships. Yellow and purple ships beat each other. When you start up a level, you’ll see an information box containing a preview of the enemies you’ll be up against and what items you can get. Use this knowledge to build your fleet accordingly. Having the type advantage could mean the difference between victory and defeat!

2. Get the Raptors!

Early on you have a chance to build a Raptor class ship from the 1-3 star construction cards. These are support type ships with a unique and very helpful ability, Secure Channel or Comms Drone. Using this ability will summon an ally ship into the battle after a couple turns have passed and it can easily turn the tides of battle for you. Granted, the ally ship that is summoned is at level 1, but just having another target can save your more valuable ships. If you happen to build one of these ships, try using them! The Raptor’s ability can really help you in the early levels.

3. Complete the Dradis events!

Try your best to complete as many dradis events as you can, especially early on. The card packs you get from taking down all the Cylon fleets in these events can supply you with enough resources to upgrade your existing ships and build new ones. Early on you’ll want to build a diverse fleet as fast as possible to make sure you’re ready for anything. Keep in mind that if you use your FTL drive to flee the event, you still have a chance to claim the contract reward at the cost of cubits.

4. Choose from a variety of classes!

Each ship has a class assigned to it. We’ll go over a couple of them here.

  • Fighter class ships are packing heat with high attack power, but low HP and defense. Their abilities usually involve dishing out as much damage as possible. These ships are your main damage dealers for single targets.
  • Bomber class ships have decent attack power and rounded out stats. Their abilities focus on dealing damage to multiple targets. If you’re going up against a large fleet, bombers will excel and doing damage to the whole fleet.
  • Recon class ships have excellent speed, meaning they get to act faster than other ships. They’re pretty fragile with the lowest HP and defense, but they make up for it with utility. Their abilities focus on disrupting and debuffing enemy ships.
  • Support class ships have all around stats and their abilities focus on helping allied ships. They can repair and buff their allied ships in addition to other utility skills.

Try to include different classes of ships in your fleet. You’ll need the combined power of each class to take down the enemies efficiently, unless you’re going for a specific strategy.

That’s all for Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons.



  1. Tired pissed off keeps you want to loose battle a group and development they have to check fix drop it freezes and resets piss poor

  2. Nice review, but it’s a shame you didn’t mention how the game functions like it’s still in Beta, and there’s no support from the developer. Anyone considering playing this, should be aware that there are continual crashes, horrible PVP matching, and risk of complete account loss. Spending a couple months grinding away to put together a decent fleet, only to be unable to login to your account one day is frustrating. Sending multiple requests for help and getting no response via email or FB, is infuriating and insulting. Play at your own risk!


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