Battleplans Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Battleplans is an all-out war between you and the evil Skull army! Recruit heroes with unique abilities and assign them to squads. Plan out your paths and send your squads into victory! Outsmart your enemies, utilize your abilities and take control of each point to conquer the land. With every land you take, you become a bigger target for not only the Skull invaders, but other players as well! Engage in tactical player-versus-player action and prove you are the best tactician! Let’s get to planning with our Battleplans cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Balance upgrades!

You can upgrade your heroes in three ways: powering up their skills, increasing their base stats, or increasing the size of their own squad. Try to keep a balance between all three, as they are are equally important. Base stats won’t mean much if you get overwhelmed by a ton of enemies because you have a small squad, and the same goes for skills.

2. Upgrade the gold mine early!

So, if you’ve been playing for a while, chances are that you’ve realize that this game takes a lot of waiting. Each individual upgrade for a hero takes a couple of minutes and you can only have one upgrade running at a time! Early on, it’s wise to upgrade the gold mine. The gold mine will generate gold for you overtime, and since the difficulty spike in this game comes relatively early, you’re going to be sitting around waiting for upgrades. This will help offset the gold cost when it comes to the amount of upgrades you’ll be buying.

3. Utilize the environment!

Part of your strategy can involve the environment! Brown swampy areas will drastically slow down any units that attempt to cross through it, so you can try to use them as choke points. Just be warned – your units are also affected! Shaded, dark grass areas will provide cover and a small defense boost for any units on it. If you need to defend a point and there is a patch nearby, consider hunkering down on it.

4. Balance out your squads!

Your first two starting basic unit classes are Serfs and Archers. Serfs are close range fighters with a decent amount of health. Archers are long range snipers that dish out a lot of damage but can’t take much in return. Try to create your squads so that the units match with your heroes. For example, we like putting serfs with Balthor and Mason because they are front line heroes. On ranged attackers like Freya, assigning archers would be a good idea to keep her from direct confrontation.

5. Capture the outposts!

Outposts are resource nodes on the world map. When you first discover them they will usually be overrun by skulls, so if you can drive them out, you’ll capture the outpost. Outposts will generate gold for you over time on top of your home base’s gold mine, so it’s a great way to earn a lot of gold. However, all players on the map can see the outposts as well, and they may try to attack it to take it over. Make sure you have a thorough defense plan ready for your outposts to prevent siege from other players!

6. Micromanage!

The only kind of control you have in the game is where you want your squads to go. This sounds simple but a bit of micromanaging can go a long way! By micromanaging, we mean specifically moving your units in a certain order to achieve maximum efficiency. This builds off the ideas of the tip above. When charging into a big group of enemies, sending in your front line fighters first with your ranged attackers backing them up is the best possible approach. Just be aware of any pincer attacks the enemy might pull off!

That’s all for Battleplans. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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Battleplans Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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