Battle Warship: Naval Empire Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Build the Ultimate Base


Welcome to war out in the big open sea! Battle Warship: Naval Empire is a strategy multiplayer war game where you become the admiral of a massive navy fleet. Build the ultimate naval warbase that is under your complete control, develop a huge fleet, and take out your enemies.

Of course, you will be up against players from around the world, so be ready for a fight! Our Battle Warship: Naval Empire tips and tricks guide will show you how to build the best base!

As long as you follow our guide and follow all of the main missions, you should be ready for anything, so let’s get started with our Battle Warship: Naval Empire cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the main missions!

To ensure that your naval base stays up to date with all of the latest upgrades and buildings, be sure to follow the main missions.

They are shown at all time at the bottom of the screen, and for your convenience if you tap on it, you will be taken directly to the building or objective in question. Completing these also rewards you with a lot of resources and experience, so keep at it!

Queue up the timed missions!

In addition to the main missions, you also have Daily Missions, Alliance Missions, and VIP Missions. Daily missions, as the name implies, are reset at set intervals throughout the day.

To complete a daily mission, you simply need to queue it up and then wait the allotted time, after which it will complete itself.

Simple, right? And easy to do, so you should always have a daily mission queued up. Just like the main missions, they reward you with experience and goodies.

The other two types – Alliance and VIP – function just like the daily missions, but you must unlock them first. To unlock alliance missions, you simply need to be a part of an alliance.

Whether you make one or join an existing alliance, it does not matter, so as long as you are in one. To unlock VIP missions, you have to have active VIP status. You can get this buy using the free VIP items you get throughout the story.

Join an Alliance!

Alliances are large groups of players who band together to achieve the same kind of goal. Try to join an Alliance as soon as you can – the benefits are too great to ignore! First off, you will be immediately granted 200 gold upon joining an Alliance for the first time.

Your Alliance members will be able to help you speed up your construction times, and they can even come to your aid when you are attacked by other players. You also gain access to the aforementioned Alliance missions!

Open up your gift boxes!

Every time your commander level goes up, you will earn a Gift Box. This gift box contains a random assortment of goodies, including free resources, speed ups, and more. You have to manually open these boxes when you get them though, so make sure to dig into your inventory and do not forget about them!

Look to the seas for more resources!

Once you get high enough level, your base resources are probably not enough for the amount of stuff you need to build. You will then need to head out to sea and start taking resource nodes.

You can find nodes all around the sea, but beware as they are probably captured by another enemy force or an actual player. Be prepared for war, but it is necessary to grow your base.

That’s all for Battle Warship: Naval Empire! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Battle Warship: Naval Empire Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Build the Ultimate Base


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