It’s an all-out galactic war in Battle Team, the newest sci-fi tactics RPG for mobile platforms! Specially trained heroes, or “Novas” have created factions among the stars, and now it’s your chance to command them. Create a team full of Novas each with their own different abilities and strengths, and conquer the galaxy! Our Battle Team cheats and tips will help you find your way through the stars.

Battle Team is all about team composition and picking the right Novas for the job, so let’s get started with our Battle Team cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


Take advantage of the Affinities!

Each Nova and unit in the game has an elemental affinity: Solar, Hydrogen, or Wind. Solar beats Wind, Wind beats Hydrogen, and Hydrogen beats Solar. You’ll need to pay careful attention to these affinities as using them correctly will enhance your team efficiency. Attacking an enemy with the correct element will cause extra damage, but your Novas will also take additional damage if they’re hit by their weaknesses.

Before you start a mission, you can see a preview of the enemy types you’re going to be up against. Use this information to build your team accordingly and prepare – ideally you want to have no weaknesses to any of the enemies.

Keep your production facilities busy!

As you progress through the main campaign, you will unlock additional facilities in your star base. The first one you unlock is the Training Room which allows you upgrade your Novas’ skills. This is probably one of the most important facilities, as this is the main way of strengthening your Novas. In order to improve skills, you’ll need Skill Cubes and other materials.

And where do you get those? From the Production Room, of course, which is the second facility you unlock. It’s important to keep in mind that these production queues are usually around 3 hours long, so you’ll want to make sure they’re kept busy at all times in order to ensure that you’re getting all of the materials you need.

Complete the quests and achievements!

After you clear a level, take note of the achievements and quests you clear. Visit the quests tab often to collect any rewards waiting for you. You’ll need to do this often early on as clearing many of the early achievements will net you Transfer Tickets, the currency you need for obtaining new Novas.

Work on Operating Supports while you quest!

After clearing the Prologue chapter, you can take part in Operating Support missions. You’ll be asked to choose three different Novas to send out on a mission, then you’ll wait for their return.

The stronger the Novas you choose, the better chance of mission success, which you can preview before you commit to a launch. Once you start getting a bunch of Novas that you can spare, try sending them out on Operating Supports. They’ll gain experience and levels from it while you earn goodies.

That’s all for Battle Team! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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