Battle Odyssey Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


In Battle Odyssey, you will explore the vast world of Pondera. Pondera is a beautiful world full of natural magic, but an evil force threatens to corrupt the land. Command a team of elemental allies in this hybrid puzzle RPG! We’ll help you take down the forces of evil with our Battle Odyssey cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Save your AP for the big moments!

Ability points are dropped by enemies when you defeat them. AP allows you to chain different types of elements together; the more elements you chain, the higher the AP cost will be. As you can probably tell, you can set up some particularly devastating combos if you have a lot of AP and there are elements of every type on your board. With that said, you want to save them for tough enemies or bosses. You start each level with about 5 or so AP, gaining more as you progress.

2. Synergize with your crew!

You can have up to 5 allies in your crew at once. 4 are designated as members, and 1 as the leader. Certain allies have “leadership” skills; if they’re in the leader position, these skills will activate. These skills are usually stat boosters of some sort – for example, the Sun Knight’s leadership skill powers up sun-type allies. Inversely, sometimes allies won’t have a leadership skill. Make sure you don’t have these allies in your leader positions! Additionally, there are “crew combos”. Having a specific set of allies in your team at once will activate crew combos which give passive buffs like the leadership skills do. Examine all of your allies thoroughly and put together a team that works well with each other!

3. Get all three stars!

Each level has three stars for you to earn. The first star you’ll get from simply completing the level. The second star requires you to defeat the boss of the level with your HP above a certain percentage, usually somewhere around 80%. The third star requires you to complete the level under a certain time limit. So, fight quickly and keep your health high – remember to use the healing elements! If you’ve got an ally with you that has a healing ability, that works too!

4. Add friends!

Before you embark on a level, you have the option to bring along a random player’s leader ally. You should always do this as you will get 5 friendship points, which you can use to summon new allies. Better yet, after the level is over, you can send a friend request to the person you played with. Always do this because if they accept your request, you’ll be able to take them consistently with you. Every time you do you will earn 10 FP instead of 5!

5. Remember the elemental tree!

Fire beats earth, earth beats water, and water beats fire! Sun and moon beat each other out. Attacking an enemy with the same or neutral element will cause slightly reduced damage. Attacking with an element that they’re strong against – such as attacking a fire-type with earth elements – causes signifcantly reduced damage, and attacking the element they’re weak to causes slightly increased damage! Be sure to manually target enemies if you want to send your attacks to a specific enemy.

6. Try out some of the timed events!

Timed events are self-explanatory: special events that only last for a certain time period. You can access them from the main menu. They’re just like regular levels, but the enemies you might end up fighting are usually uncommon. Additionally the rewards are special! For example one of the current events at the time of writing this article is “Archaeological Dig”, which provides a chance to receive a 4-star catalyst type ally. Catalyst allies are not meant for battle; they’re supposed to be used in fusion and evolving. These catalysts might give a ton of experience, so if you need some special rewards, check out the events!

That all our coverage for Battle Odyssey at this moment. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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Battle Odyssey Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. Make sure to use your strongest characters whenever possible, max out before evolving, try to collect or use a different characters in every battle to complete your crew combo list and your gallery ( bestiary), I recommend you always take an element adding ally equal in elements to your strongest person, also in many boss fights heart orbs don’t appear as frequently so it’s good to take a healer with you and most of these have a low attack so you should pair them with a strong attacker of the same element, infantry characters have some good abilities, most guardians deal 15000 damage for 20 connected orbs, legends and gods are always a strong asset to any battle, take advantage of the special patterns their are I believe 9 of them one for each land, connect 6+ orbs of the same element for a power orb (use them wisely) and when using these link and clear as much of the board as you can to make the combo meter to keep adding for maximum damage, and finally beware of immunities they can ruin your chances of success


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