Battle Cats Way of the Ninja Guide Tips and Cheats: Spawns, Strategies, and More


Battle Cats has a special event called Ninja Awakens, and it occurs every month on the 17th and 18th during certain time windows. Players will face off against agile Ninja Cats, and this is the way to unlock the True Form of Ninja Cat! Here is our Battle Cats’ Way of the Ninja tips, cheats, spawns, and strategies guide!

Way of the Ninja (Veteran) Guide

The first stage of Ninja Awakens is Way of the Ninja (Veteran). Even though this is just the first stage, it can be pretty brutal if you don’t know what to expect. You’ll be going up against exactly two enemies: a Doge and a Flying Ninja Cat, the boss of the stage.

For Way of the Ninja (Veteran), you will absolutely want to bring along anti-floating Cats. Some recommendations include Angry Delinquent Cat, Cameraman Cat, Necro-Dancer Cat, and Sadako Cat. Sadako Cat is particularly very effective against floating enemies due to their ability to nullify floating abilities.

The Doge is no problem, but the Flying Ninja Cat has an outrageous amount of health and the ability to deal splash damage with its normal attack, so it can destroy your army quickly if left unchecked. This stage is tough, but as long as you’re properly prepared, you should be able to complete it. For your hard work, you have a chance to earn Ninja Cat’s True Form.

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Way of the Ninja (Insane) Guide

Now, the true test begins! The same enemies will spawn: one Doge and one Flying Ninja Cat. This time, however, the Doge is extremely more powerful. After the Doge goes down, another one will spawn after two minutes. Two more Doges will spawn after another two minutes pass, followed by three Doges, then the game will loop back to one Doge. You’ll need to work quickly to not get overwhelmed.

For this stage, you’ll need to have a specific strategy. For us, we started out by sending out tanky Cats like Crazed Macho Cats or Crazed Wall Cats. Once they engage the Doge, the Flying Ninja Cat will catch up, and that’s when you bring out your hard hitters like Necromancer Cat, Vengeful Cat, Awakened Bahamut Cat, and of course, Sadako Cat.

If you have a lot of Necromancers, you’ll be able to lock down the Flying Ninja Cat with the Necromancer’s ability to freeze floating enemies. Keep the Flying Ninja Cat at bay while dealing damage to it and the Doges. Hold them off for as long as you can and focus on downing the Flying Ninja Cat!

If you manage to beat Way of the Ninja (Insane), you are guaranteed the Ninja Cat’s True Form if you didn’t earn it from the previous level. Congratulations, you did it!

That concludes our guide on Battle Cats‘ Ninja Awakens event. If you have any other strategies that worked well for you, share them in the comments below!

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Battle Cats Way of the Ninja Guide Tips and Cheats: Spawns, Strategies, and More


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