Battle Cats Parade of the Dead Guide Tips and Cheats: Spawns, Strategies, and More

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Smack Daboo right in the kisser.

Battle Cats may start out as this quirky little tower defense game whose levels you will breeze through. This notion quickly turns sour as you realize this is a game whose difficulty you shouldn’t have underestimated.

So you’re now stuck on Parade of the Dead and need help on how to beat it? Lucky for you, we’ve got just the strategy guide you need!

General Strategy

If you can, bring units like Mighty Kat-A-Pult, Rock Revengers, Seashore Kai, and other tanky and strong units which are Anti-Zombie and Anti-Angel, as you will be facing tons of Angel and Zombie support. Make your way past them and then past Daboo from there.

To better handle Daboo through damage and stalling, you can use non-Ubers like Manic Island, Dual Titans, and Pizza Cat for their tankiness and super high DPS.

For dedicated tanks that can also dish out damage against Daboo, you can go for the reliable Ramen Cat and Shigong Cat. Be wary of their slow recharge times and how you manage them, however.

Note: Daboo is immune to Weaken, Freeze, Slow, and Knockback, so units that can apply these debuffs to him may not be too useful.

Detailed Gameplan

  • Start the game off with Manic Island whenever you are able to.
  • Proceed to spawn 2 Jamiera Cats.
  • Spawn a few Ramen Cats within brief intervals.
  • Spawn Awakened Bahamut when Angels appear on the field and Heavenly Hippoes reach the frontline.
  • Repeat the same formation once the Angels die.

Jamiera Cat and Manic Jamiera provide most of the DPS here. Manic Islands deal with burrowing Zombies as well as act as blockades. The Ramen Cats spawned here and there should help in blocking the Angels as well as Daboo.

Once Daboo is defeated, you need to spawn Awakened Bahamut so that the Cats on the frontline can knock the enemy base down.

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Battle Cats Parade of the Dead Guide Tips and Cheats: Spawns, Strategies, and More


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