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Battle Bunny Guide: Tips & Cheats To Building a Strong Team

Battle Bunny Guide: Tips & Cheats To Building a Strong Team

After a war tears the world apart, all animals agree to stop fighting and instead focus on rebuilding society. Unbeknownst to the bunnies, the other animals have secretly planned to thin their numbers. Now that they have broken the rules, all bets are off in Battle Bunny, a tower defense game where you must fight the other animals kingdoms to survive!

In our Battle Bunny tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the game and how to survive each battle. Battle Bunny is all about well-timed unit deployment and base building, so let’s go over all of that in our Battle Bunny cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to building a strong team!

Managing the Bunny Village

Bunny Village is your base of operations. You will handle recruit new battle bunnies here, improve your base’s defenses, and take care of resource management. The game goes over a few things at the start, but there is more to be explained.

Various bunnies around the village will take care of different aspects of the base, and we will explain them all here.

The bunny in the center of the village holding the staff is the ruler of the village, Roderick. He oversees your base tower’s defenses.

  • The health value indicates the maximum amount of health your tower has. Improving this costs minerals, and it increases the health cap.
  • Recovery deals with your tower’s regenerating health. Damage is persistent in Battle Bunny; your tower’s remaining health after a battle is carried between levels, but it regenerates on its own so as long as you are not in a battle. Upgrading this will speed up your tower’s regeneration rate.

The blacksmith bunny next to Roderick is Marshall. He will handle all of your tower’s cannon properties. The cannon is a powerful emergency weapon that can be used to deal massive damage to enemies on your tower.

  • The cannon’s attack power determines how much damage it does. The cannon deals a whopping 200 damage at level 1, so it already does quite a lot of damage. Upgrading this costs minerals.
  • The cannon’s attack range will make it cover a wider range. When the cannon is fully charged, you can see exactly where its effected area is by the yellow line. Upgrading this costs wood.
  • The cannon’s charge will speed up, enabling you to use the cannon more frequently. Upgrading this costs wood.

To the right of Marshall is the village alchemist Aeaea. She is in charge of the elixir you need to summon battle bunnies during battle.

  • Efficiency speeds up the base generation rate of elixir. Upgrading this costs minerals. Keep in mind that you can also temporary upgrade efficiency during battle!
  • Capacity increases the maximum amount of elixir you can hold. Upgrading this costs wood, but you should not really need to upgrade this for a while.

To the left of Roderick is Raven, the bunny handler. She can help you summon new battle bunies. You can use coins to do a normal draw, or use carrots – the premium currency of the game – to do a premium draw. Try to save up your carrots for premium draws.

At the far ends of the village are the logger and the miner. These two bunnies will go out and gather their respective resources for you. You assign them an amount of time to collect, and they will bring it back after that time passes. The longer they are out, the more resources they will collect.

Before you head out in battle, be sure to send out both the logger and miner. You need to be constantly upgrading your tower and resources, so most of the time you can just send them out for the longest amount of time to get the most resources.

Winning Battles

Your base is on the right, and the enemy base is on the left. You must send your troops up to the enemy base to attack it, and the level is won if you destroy the enemy base before they take out yours!

In the early levels of the game, you can get by with just sending out as many units as you can. Simply overwhelming the enemy is a decent strategy that will win the early levels, but you will need a little more finesse as you progress through the game.

For starters, you are going to balance out your elixir spending. At some point you want to level up to at least level 1 elixir upgrade, which increases your elixir generation rate for that battle only.

You do not want to sit there waiting for your elixir with an empty battlefield though, so sending out cheap units is a good way to stockpile elixir while keeping yourself safe.

Try to get the momentum going in your favor – get out units as fast as possible to keep the pressure on your enemy, then keep it going with stronger, more expensive units. If the enemy somehow manages to break through, remember to use your cannon as a fallback.

Additionally, there is also a retreat move. Tapping the green arrow will make all currently deployed units move backwards for a few seconds, then they will go back to marching forward. If you are expecting a big attack or if you are trying to regroup your units, this is a handy ability.

The Halfway Battle

When the enemy base’s health drops a little under half, the music will change and the enemy will immediately deploy a very powerful unit, sometimes multiples. You should not have a problem with them early on, but they get increasingly stronger.

Eventually these “halfway” units will become so powerful that you will need to make sure you are ready to fight them. Making them spawn when you are low on elixir or you are losing momentum is very dangerous, so try to be aware of how fast you are destroying the enemy base.

This happens on every single level, so you know to expect it. Make sure that you have the proper units and enough elixir to deal with them!

Know your Units

Every unit in Battle Bunny has various stats to show you what the excel at. From the main menu, if you tap on the little bunny icon at the top right corner, you can see all the battle bunnies you own.

Here, you can examine each battle bunny more closely. You can see all of their stats, which can help give you an idea what order you should deploy your units in. Some bunnies have high health but low attack, some move incredibly fast or attack very fast, and so forth.

Knowing how to maximize each unit is the key to victory, so whenever you obtain a new battle bunny be sure to read up on it.

Use your Carrots to Summon Units

Carrots are the premium currency of the game and they are incredibly hard to come by. You can get carrots by completing certain missions. You can check your missions from the main menu by tapping the check mark button at the top left.

You can use carrots to premium draw, which has a much higher chance of granting you a rare battle bunny. One draw costs 200 carrots, while a 10 draw costs 1,800 carrots, so you should always go for the 10 draw when possible.

Carrots can be spent on other things, like temporary battle buffs, but you should not. Carrots are so hard to come by that they really should only be spent on summon new units. The faster you can get better battle bunnies, the faster you can progress through the levels.

Upgrading Bunnies and Rank

Whenever you finish a battle, you are awarded coins and experience points. Experience points in this game are treated like a currency – you can then spend them on your battle bunnies to level them up, increasing their stats.

You can also level up battle bunnies using duplicates. If you summon a battle bunny and get one you already have, you can combine them to use as experience points, which will level the base bunny greatly.

Every time you upgrade a bunny, your own user rank goes up as well. Once you upgrade enough times, your rank will increase, unlocking new features.

That’s all for Battle Bunny. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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