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Battle Breakers Guide: Tips & Tricks to Become Invincible

Battle Breakers Guide: Tips & Tricks  to Become Invincible
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Today, we’re going to share with you some Battle Breakers tips and tricks that will guide you through the early stages in the game, covering hero selection, some of the best heroes you can get early on and much, much more.

This is what can be considered a complete beginner’s guide, but I will do my best to add some tips for more advanced players. Either way, all the tips and tricks that we’ll share with you today will definitely be useful, no matter if you just started playing or have been doing it for a while now.

Battle Breakers is the latest game from Epic Games – and a really good one too. Combining some of the most appreciated features on mobile right now (RPG elements and hero collection), the game manages to get you hooked instantly.

So let’s make sure that you’re also playing it right by checking out our Battle Breakers guide for beginners below!

Choosing your starting hero

Soon after you go through the tutorial in Battle Breakers, you are tasked with one really important decision: that of selecting one of the three super rare characters you have played with to be your starting hero.

But who’s the best one? In my opinion, you should choose Tessa (or even Mei) – I have written an article here detailing why you should choose them, so make sure to check it out to see all my reasoning behind this choice.

Color match when attacking

I want to say this early on, because it took me a while to realize that I was missing out on some very important boosts during the battles. And that is attacking with heroes that color match the tiles on the field.

Each time you tap a tile (or crystal or whatever) to reveal what’s behind it, the color of the other diamonds changes. In battle, this means that if you attack with a character of the same color (aka element), that hero will get a boost in damage when attacking, but they will also recover health and mana.

For example, if the crystals are green and you’re attacking with a nature element hero (which are the green heroes), you will get the benefits. This is something extremely important to know, as it helps you make better choices in battle.

How to unlock more heroes

There are hundreds of characters that you can unlock in Battle Breakers, but getting them all is definitely not easy. However, you will be rewarded with various heroes for completing specific stages in the game, reaching specific levels or as various daily rewards.

You can also unlock heroes from the Shop, which will basically be the easiest (although most expensive) way to get heroes: spend diamonds to get them, purchase a Premium Pass to receive them as various rewards… there are lots of options there.

The Battle Pass is really helpful!

You will also get some chances via the special events in the game, or from the Skybreaker which will reward you with heroes when you reach certain milestones on each map.

IMPORTANT: Unlike most other games of its kind, Epic Games’ title will usually let you choose your hero out of three options. This offers a massive advantage, as you can select one that better suits your team and can fill gaps in your current setup.

So make sure to always take advantage of this and when you’re offered a choice, check all options out and decide which one would be the best for you.

Building your perfect team

Not only that the game allows you to select one of three heroes in many instances, but it also does some other things differently when compared to other similar RPGs. And one of the most important is team building.

Although the game does have the traditional classes: tanks, damage dealers, support units, its approach to how battles are played makes some of these classes less important.

And the class that’s the least important and least useful right now (on general terms, because there are still good heroes there) is the Tank.

Even though frontline heroes do protect the ones directly behind them, there are some opponents that can target those in the backline anyway and you can still have some solid characters in the first row, with high health, without them being tanks.

Sure, they have bucketloads of health, but they deal so little damage that they are almost useless.

But what you should look at when building your perfect team in the game are these two important things: character’s skills and their element. This is all that matters and roles are nothing but fancy names you shouldn’t bother reading. And yes, you could still have a solid tank with great skills – so don’t ignore them all by default!

What matters the most is having a really solid team, built with various elements to take advantage of the elemental strengths, but also with solid skills that deal massive damage and, ideally, offer some extra support.

My approach was to go head first into battles with the most offensive units I had (this after going for a more conservative approach, with tanks and heavier supports). But no, what you really need is some beasts that cause a ton of damage! So go for the most offensive skills possible and you won’t regret it!

You can also ask the game’s opinion – it seems to be pretty good at recommending a solid team setup, actually. Simply hit the “Hero Helper” button in the heroes tab and the game itself will recommend a team setup, but also Elixirs to use (don’t rush to listen to the second recommendation though and use the Elixirs as you see fit).

Improve your top heroes

With hundreds of heroes to unlock, it’s pretty obvious that some will be much better than others. And since you can only use a limited amount of heroes in each battle – and XP points are scarce, you should make sure that you’re always improving your top heroes only.

This means that you should go for as long as possible without spending XP points – and especially elixirs early on. Go as far as you can by investing as little as possible.

This way, you will unlock more heroes and you will have more to choose from. Select your best then (you can generally understand what your best heroes are in the current setup when unlocking the second stage) and focus on upgrading those.

Usually, the best heroes are those with the highest number of stars. Heroes have a rarity and a total number of stars that can be unlocked: the more, the better. So always try to use the rarest heroes that you have, since those will generally be more useful on the long term.

Add friends to send & receive gifts and goodies

Friends are extremely useful in this game and it’s easy to add more, even if you don’t have real life friends playing Battle Breakers. Just go to the Social and start adding those recommended friends.

Not only that you can use their heroes in battle in most cases (sometimes giving you massive bonuses and advantages), but you can also receive all sorts of gifts from them which help you progress faster.

Remember to send gifts as well (the game will remind you daily) and set your best hero as the one that you share with friends – this can also be done from the Social tab.

Play and replay stages to increase you heroes’ levels

If you end up getting stuck and unable to progress, set the game on auto battle and play and replay previous stages. You will earn all sorts of rewards from there, loot that will allow you to increase your heroes’ levels and make them better and stronger.

The game is actually built nicely and you will rarely have to replay a stage in order to progress: completed stages have increased difficulty ratings available after completing them on the previous difficulty setting, so make sure that you check out all options before deciding that there’s no new battle that you can take on.

Keep an eye out for special events

The special events are extremely important in the game because they have amazing rewards. For example, at the moment of writing, there are several events available, one of them being created specifically for new players and rewarding them with top loot and goodies.

So make sure to always look at the Events tab and do your best to get as far as possible there in order to take advantage of all the freebies offered.

Collect the from the buildings you have unlocked

Even though slow to produce something useful, the buildings you unlock when playing the game help you progress faster. So don’t forget to keep an eye on them and visit them constantly in order to get some goodies from there as well.

Additional tips to win your battles

Since you’ll spend most of your time on the battlefield, here are some additional tips and tricks to consider when fighting against your opponents. Make sure to also keep in mind the second advice I gave you in this article, the one about the color match bonus!

– don’t forget to activate pets: I usually forget about them, and pets can be really useful. So keep an eye on their fill meter and bring them into battle when they are most helpful: usually when fighting against multiple enemies or bosses.

– take advantage of the elemental bonuses: an element is strong against another and weak against a third. So make sure that you always attack with heroes that have an actual advantage in order to deal more damage. If you can combine this with the crystal color bonus, even better!

– timing is everything with your special skills: you can activate them, usually, even when the mana bar is not completely filled up, so always consider using them against your enemies at the right time.

Even more, some might require preparation: for example, the Special Skill of Mad Trox is Berserk, which not only offers solid bonuses, but also stacks. However, if you activate it during battle, he loses his move, so it’s better to prepare in advance and activate when your tapping/clicking crystals

– take enemies out one at a time: I know that the game tells you to take out bosses first in fights, but that’s not the best approach in my opinion, especially if they have multiple other allies around.

Bosses have more health and are more difficult to beat. Therefore, you should focus on taking out all the other minions, one by one, in order to reduce the actual damage when they start attacking. This is pretty simple: instead of having 6 heroes dealing damage to your team, you have just the boss doing so. Still a win!

– don’t forget to use your special items: there are various items that you can find during battles and they can provide a lot of help. Make sure to use them at the right time in order to keep your heroes alive or turn the odds of the battle in your favor.

– keep an eye on the level requirements before each battle: even though these are generally correct, you can still beat the stage with slightly lower heroes. For example, if the requirement says level 20, it doesn’t mean that you need all your heroes at your level. If you have a few there and a few a bit below, you should still be able to beat the stage.

Respec your skills

Every now and then, after completing a stage, you will have another choice to make – and that is choosing one of two skills that improve either your defense or attack, health or mana and so on.

The good news is that you can simply reassign those points if you’re not satisfied with the picks you have made! Simply hit the button that shows your current player level (in the upper left corner) and hit “Respec” – arrange the skills as you see fit!

This would be all that we have for you right now in terms of tips and tricks for Battle Breakers. We’ll have even more guides coming soon, so stay tuned!

But until then, if you have some additional tips to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below.

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