Barn Voyage Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Are you ready to raise a farm from scratch? Barn Voyage is another farming simulator that puts you in charge of taking care of your grandpa’s farm, where you will be raising livestock and growing fresh produce. The farm is now in your hands so we’re going to help you look after it with our Barn Voyage cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Grab those tools and gather those seeds, it’s time to tend to your farm! Read on for our Barn Voyage cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide and have fun!

Do the board orders!

The board orders are there for extra coins and experience. If you’re not currently working towards something specific, do them. Even if you don’t have a quest objective to complete a board order, you should do them anyways if you have some extra crops or food lying around. As a side note, the little notes you see on the board will actually show if you have the required items to complete an order. Look for a note with a green check on it!

Always grow clovers to convert into animal feed!

Most of the beginning crops you’re able to grow convert into animal feed at a one to one ratio. Since clovers only cost 2 coins to plant, you should always plant them if you’re in need of animal feed. They’re the most efficient crop to convert, so don’t convert tomatoes or raspberries and the like!

Keep your animals fed and happy!

Going off of the clover strategy above, you should always have your animals fed. Animals produce ingredients to make the advanced dishes, so you’re going to want to feed them as much as possible. Because of the cheap clover trick, animal feed is very easy to gather, so there shouldn’t be any time where you’re low on feed. It is especially important to feed your cows, as once you get the Yogurt Machine (at around level 6), it’s powered by feeding either cows or goats. Bottom line, feed all your buddies and don’t forget about them.

Watch for the in-person requests!

Occasionally one of the townsfolk will personally walk to your farm and request some items from you in person. These request are usually worth a lot, so it’d be good to complete them as you go. There’s no need to rush though, as they will stick around forever until you manually tell them to leave yourself.

Utilize the Traders Market for some coins and good prices!

The traders market features produce and ingredients that are being sold by other players. You’ll have to add some friends first if you want to take advantage of this feature. Tap the people button at the bottom left to open the social menu. Here, you can add players directly through the game by exchanging IDs, or you can connect your Facebook to see if any of your friends are playing. Either way you should add some friends, and there’s also a “Recommended” list of people to add, so if it comes down to it you can just add random people! The point is you’ll be able to save coins if you shop smart with other players. Remember, buy low, sell high!

Help out your neighbors’ farms!

Not only will you be able to trade on the market with friends, but you’ll be able to go to their farms! You can check out their layout, but you’re also allowed five helper actions. You can feed their animals, water their crops, and so forth. You gain coins, items, and experience when you do this, so always do it when you have the chance. The five actions reset every day, so make sure to check daily!

Follow the quests!

The quests are your guidelines for general progression. Be sure to make completing them your top priority, as they’ll give you lots of experience. Everytime you level up, you gain access to new items, recipes, animals, and quests. Keep on farming!

These are some general tips to make your farming experience be the best it can be, but always remember to have fun and build your farm however you please! If you have any questions or suggestions or more tips of your own, feel free to leave a comment below.

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Barn Voyage Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide



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