There is something extremely appealing about being a rock star, a celebrity, having your own band, living the life, sniffing the… good perfume and having the world at your feet. Of course, there’s a high possibility that no matter how much you’d like this to become your reality, it will never happen. That’s when Band Stars comes into play if you own an iOS powered device (and if you are reading this blog, then you certainly do!)

Band Stars is a band simulation game that allows you to build up your band from scratch, release songs and albums and get a solid fan base to put you on top of the world. Sounds extremely interesting and judging from the trailer below, it will be extremely fun:

The game is created by Halfbrick in collaboration with Six Foot Kid and is expected to be launched very soon (it is already available in Australia and Canada) at the price of 3,000 USD. No, actually it will be available for free!


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