Balls vs Blocks is an extremely addictive game available on mobile and if you played it once, you surely played it a hundred times more afterwards. And we’re here to help you get the most out of this game by sharing a bunch of Balls vs Blocks tips and tricks to get a high score that will impress your friends, family and the entire world. It’s mostly up to you – and a lot of luck is involved as well – but if you keep our strategies in mind, things will definitely be better.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out some Balls vs Blocks cheats and tips below for this insanely addictive game!


1. Try to stay away from blockers
Call them blockers, walls, barriers or whatever you want. I’m talking about the white lines that don’t allow you to move left or right anymore. Avoid them like the plague because you can end up finding at the end of such a corridor a square with a number that’s too high for your size.

If you have the option, simply ignore these corridors with blockers to the side, even if there are some nice balls waiting for you there. If not, try to see where they end and go for the one that allows you to keep on moving afterwards!

2. Recover after a bad hit
Even after you hit a wall with a number higher than what you have, you can still recover unless a blocker is in your way. Simply swipe left or right to the square with a lower number and you can continue playing the game.

3. Keep on collecting!
When you see circles with numbers, do everything you can to collect them, with two exceptions:

a) if they’re between blockers – it’s best to try to stay away from them for the reasons discussed above
b) if it’s just a 1 or even a 2 – unless you have a clear path, it’s usually best to stay away from these. If you collect a 1 and you have to break a 4 square, you’re losing!

4. Look up!
The best approach to playing Balls vs Blocks is to look towards the upper side of the screen. This gives you a very small advantage in seeing the pieces that are coming and the design of the field. But in a game like this one, even a few milliseconds can help you achieve a super high score!

5. Watch ads to boost your score
When you’re on a good run already, tap the countdown button. This shows you an ad and afterwards you can continue playing. It’s a good way to increase your high score and make a great run even better. But don’t go for watching ads all the time as there might be a cap per day or per hour – keep those ads for the runs where they will really make things matter.

All in all, Balls vs Blocks is a quick game that tests your reflexes more than anything else. So in the end, it’s mostly your skill that matters and how tired your eyes are (plus a bit of luck). Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you improve your game at least a bit.

And if you have some extra Balls vs Blocks tips to share with fellow players looking to improve their high scores, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.



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